Woodgas, lead additive

How to use wood gas on tractors requiring lead substitute additive?

you would need to use a valve seat lubricant system like is used on LPG and Natural gas engines…there are a few brands on the market depending on where you are in the world…the one i use in my dedicated LPG ute is a Morey’s system http://www.moreyoil.co.nz/moreys-power-booster-lubricating-system/ its simple and works.

when i ran out of the proper oil for it i filled it with a cheap 2 stroke oil that was about the same viscocity as the moreys brand oil and have run 2 stroke oil ever since (6 years)

There is a fair amount of fine soot that makes it to the top end and this should tend to act like graphite to some extent and also cushion the valve seats. There have probably been studies done in the old days. I suppose an oil injection system may be of use to clean things up a bit ?? Mike L

May I ask you another? What are you using for motor oil to protect your flat tappet camshaft? That has been even a bigger issue in the HP world. For this I use a little camshaft break in lube at each oil change. I do run some old double hump heads without hard seats and non stainless valves and have had no issues, but use has been limited and not on wood just yet. Without a real answer I would say never lug it and never overheat it. If you work it real hard let it draw a little leaded fuel. If you don’t use an additive with your gasoline than I would not worry about it with wood. If it shows signs of needing a valve job don’t hesitate and at least use stainless valves, If use warrants then add hard seats. This will require engine removal and disassembly if it is a valve in block flat head. Personally I would not worry about if valves are sealing good now . If they are not then it is not ready to operate regardless of fuel

Callum Hoffman

Thanks for the info. Another thought that comes to mind is somewhere on here somebody mention operating their chainsaw with woodgas. Wondering how that is accomplished. That also needs oil mix, and seems it would need a hose hook up also.

"Jim LaPlant
Good question Brad

May I ask you another? What are you using for motor oil to protect your flat tappet camshaft? "

I have recently aquired the tractor. I have not changed oil yet. Manual only says use correct viscocity for whatever ambient temperature. It is a '46 9N with the original motor.

Manual says 4cyl, L-head 1.9.

"Mike LaRosa
There is a fair amount of fine soot that makes it to the top end and this should tend to act like graphite to some extent and also cushion the valve seats. "

I will do some research. My engine mechanic skills is “sink or swim” knowledge. When it broke, I had to learn to fix it. I wanted to ask before I ruined the motor.

I appreciate everybody answering.

but I guess if I were to do any thing I may add a half cup of camshaft break in lube. It is high in zinc witch has been greatly reduced in modern oils since roller cams to save catalytic converters. This should help save valve train wear but, I don’t think it will help save the seats. I have friends using them tractors and no lead substitute having had no issues. If use is limited and not worked hard I would not really worry to much. As Mike said the soot may even help, I don’t know.

Jim LaPlant-

I see in your photos a chainsaw with a quick connect hose. Is that original make or you do it?
Info how or where to modify mine or get one? Yours looks as if it is factory made for gas vapor.

Hey Brad, look at that picture again and then read the post above it. That is a hydraulic driven chainsaw. I did a double take on that too.

I have one I have not tried yet. Was kind of waiting on a tractor. I might have to try it on the skid steer. I bet I have a charcoal gasifier that would run it if I had to.


Oh that is my chain saw.

Hi Guys, Mr Teselonian made a woodgas powered chainsaw. pretty funny. He’s very creative. Here’s a vid. - YouTube

I get a headache watching that guy… Poor chainsaw.

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I could run the regular generator off small WK wood gasifier ? Not sure how small any body has built WK for small generators.

Several folks have built or are building small WK gasifiers. Don Mannes and Bill Schiller have completed theirs, and they work great.

Worth noting that the standard truck gasifier will run a generator just fine. Warm it up first with the truck motor, then run the genset.

that guy builds a lot of stuff you never see work or see again it seems.

Back in 2008 when we went out west an competed in Jim Masons escape from Berkeley event we were not allowed to use any fossil fuels. In order to salvage wood along the road side we used an electric chain saw with enough electric cable to reach a good distance from the generator . The generator was powered with woodgas from the truck gasifier.

We would look for dead or dry tree branches along the road side , cut them and carry back to the truck where we had an electric table saw to cut them into the correct size for the gasifier.

I would like to see the gasified chain saw work all day ,

If push come to shove one can chain a pissed off beaver to a tree and create a lot of wood chips :slight_smile:

What kind of beaver are you going to chain to the tree … Wayne, the big maple tree here is gone. I drove my black truck up on the stump to check the exhaust… Has a hole in a spot I can’t reach … salt salt salt salt … M