Woodgas start-up

Chris, Thanks for the advice on woodgas start-up. I think I’ve got it!
Perhaps on the day you posted the advice on “dead bilge blower” my wife brought home a tiny hand held vacuum cleaner from the 2nd hand store.
I knew it was for the blower I needed. Previously I could only suck the woodgas up near the engine.
Now I can keep the woodgas flowing through the “air filter” while I crank the engine. And it starts right up! On woodgas!
Definately easier than switching over from petrol, and a whole lot cheaper!

On the first truck I built up I removed the gas tank, just for good measure. And always started on woodgas, with the help of a fairly complicated and somewhat ridiculous plumbing job. But adding a little push from behind works much better.

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I found a little (57 seconds) video of my first truck starting on pure determination and wood gas. No gasoline.
I must admit it’s tricky and difficult for me to get a woodgas startup every time on the Dakota.
When it works is smoother than switching from petrol. But often times it starts right up and then finds a dead spot in the woodgas line. After that things go down hill.
I can’t figure out if it’s the gasifier, the computer or the opperator…

Hey John.

Usually if mine doesn’t start right up it is because of the loose nut behind the steering wheel.

All the above for me!

I knew it.

With the right mix up front, I’ve had instant starts very reliably. I’m still mastering the art… I do think it will help when I can add a secondary air valve of some sort. My current procedure is to use one hose for air and the other for exhausting woodgas. This works to a degree, but not as well as removing the hoses.

The main thing I forget is to always give it air! It’s not weak gas, don’t choke it off. It’s almost always flooded. This is a difference of the WK design, I know older designs were commonly lean gas on a cold start. This is very much the opposite.

I had a pretty good start the other day when I accidently left the cooler drain valve opened. But when I tried to repeat it on purpose it did not work. Does it make a difference which air hose you use ? I get the picture, though, with both hoses off there’s plenty of fresh air.

I use the shorter hose for air. I may try shortening it even more.

Hi all,

“Usually if mine doesn’t start right up it is because of the loose nut behind the steering wheel.”

It took me half a dozen times reading this to understand it. If I had read ahead, I’d probably gotten it right the first time, but I didn’t.

I just came back from lunch, saw it again on the screen, read it again and also Carl’s “All the above for me!” and then I understood…

In German we mostly say (and I’m not sure if it translates): “The problem is between the ears!”

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That may be your answer. Eleminate the hoses alltogether and mount the filters directly on your housing. This should eleminate most of the space that can be occupied by woodgas. I think


Sam: At least over here, we have a saying “The best way to improve fuel mileage is to adjust the nut behind the steering wheel.” meaning that one’s driving habits are the biggest factor in gas mileage. ‘Nut’ has multiple meanings in English of ‘the chunk of threaded metal that one screws onto a bolt’ or ‘a crazy person’.

I had a background in computer repair and we had an acronym/saying ‘PEBKAC’ Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair, IE the person sitting at the computer using it did something wrong.

Yeah, I keep getting the ID-10T error, not sure if PEBKAC or a faulty keyboard actuator. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Wayne, for the reassuring pun. My wife and I both got a kick out of it! She’s Hungarian and I have to explain all puns to her. I think she especially enjoyed this one…

Today I had one successful “pure” start out of four.
But it was a good day, all in all, A neighbor gave me two 24" elm trees and a big dry oak tree and some box elders.
Great fun to haul wood home on woodgas!


that sounds a bit like the “710”-cap on my engine …

And yes, I knew the multiple meanings of “nut”, but the combination “loose nut” misdirected me somewhat. After I caught it after lunch, my laughter made my colleague look up from his desk - now try to explain that in German!

I also know the PICNIC-phrase, which I like a lot!

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OK Sam I give in - what is the PICNIC - phrase?

Don, that’s my favourite (because I mostly recognize myself…)

It’s a Problem-In-Chair-Not-In-Computer!

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