Woodgas Truck Tool/ Emergency Kit

With Argos 2021 coming up and guys driving in from some distance in 20+ year old trucks. What do you carry along for adjustments and breakdowns on the road?


Lately, there have been so many flat tires in our family fleet, that I would for sure bring a decent floor jack and 4 way lug wrench. Hard to get those lug-nuts / bolts loose, and OEM jacks are dangerous. Maybe a tire plug kit and bicycle pump at least. :wink: And make sure your spare tires are aired up.


Hello Paul.

I think a cell phone is the most important tool. Also on a long trip I carry a spare tire , small hydraulic jack , 4 way lug wrench, small 12 volt air compressor and a set of hand wrenches and screwdrivers .

Items pertaining to the gasifier would be bailing wire aluminum tape , duck tape , rubber couples , clamps, high temp silicon and fire extinguisher

Keep in mind if I have a wood gas related problem I can always flip to gasoline .


I basically have everything Wayne said plus a more extensive kit of wrenches and socket sets and usually some cord less impacts and good work lights. For the gasifier aluminum tape and silicone are the must haves as well as fernco connectors and caps. I always like to have a bunch of zip ties and duck tape as well as a can of starting fluid or two. I like lots of straps and bungie ties i don’t like to worry about my load falling off going down the highway. Trailer light and truck light bulbs as well as a bunch of wiring supplies to fix lights are a must for me.


I won’t be attending this year but as Jacob says just bring your whole shop and you’ll be prepared. Just poking fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But when I took a well prepared tool box and could contribute to another’s project made the event much more memorial. Have fun guys


I recently have a former coworker lose two fingers in an OEM jack collapse. I will gladly carry my own jack.

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Mike LaRose carried duck tape and a bottle of wine. Oh, and a gun . . .


Going to miss you Tom!