Woodgasifiers Builders Bible

Great time to pick up a copy of Bens Peterson’s book to add to your shop library. He’s got a 24 hr sale happening check it out!
You can find his latest details at www.woodgasifierplans.com/new



MEMBERS OF DOW. This is a scam!!

Mr. Gagne; I see your are a paid member of “premium Drive on Wood”. But it appears that you have posted only 3 times, by the records. Not what I would call an “active” member. Your post today is strictly to promote a book that subject wise is in direct competitions with Sanez/ Kieth’s book Drive on Wood. And you have chosen to promote it on the web site that Chris Saenz spend a lot of time keeping it up and running including live chats. Now I know Mr. Saenz and Mr. Keith and I am sure they would let this post slide with out speaking up. I on the other hand as an active member of DOW find this to be very offensive and it points to Peterson’s character. Also, your timing is very suspect to me. You know that DOW is promoting a woodgas get together in Argos this weekend, and Wayne and Chris will be on the road today or tomorrow so they my not see this add until it has been up for a couple of days. ( Frankly, I thought Chris had included a way that we could delete any post that were obscene or improper, but unfortunately I could not find it or I would have deleted your post until the moderators had a chance to weigh in). TomC

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Sorry I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I thought the Woodgas community was all about Sharing. I own all the literature I could get on Woodgas! Including both Wayne Keith’s book and Ben Petersons. Which I paid full amount for. I think this is a real good deal. I wanted to share. I live in the northern canad and cannot afford to get to any meet ups for which I’m unaware of. Yes I cruise drive on wood a lot and read the forum often Lots of time I dont even log in! To much hassle in my phone. I live Offgrid use Ben Petersons system to run my battery charging. I’m working on Kieths system for transport, at the moment. I don’t post a lot may seem I’m not active please don’t judge my Woodgas enthusiasm on this.


Yes I beleave Ben Peterson is a great guy and is good friends with Steve Unruh I think that’s how he spells his last name.

I also have utmost respect for Wayne Kieth and Chris.

Again I live in Northern Canada and don’t get wrapped in politics of the Woodgas community’s. So your thoughts of Ben Peterson you can take up with him not me.

If Chris feels this post is offensive in anyway by all means delete please.

I seen a opportunity for great value in a product that I own and wish I could have purchased at this price.


Ok Mr. Tom Collins,
You say it’s a scam!!!
The man is offering his book for under $20.
Anybody building any form of gasifier would be out of there mine not to order up and check out the plans. One my never use them but for shop references why not have a copy at that price.

I actually feel very offended you jumped to these conclusions about me.

Very sad day when we can’t all share info and keep the gasifiers running.


Tom, that was uncalled for. It’s fine to be suspicious, but there’s no reason to come out guns a-blazin.

For the record, we have no problem with Ben Peterson’s plans being mentioned here. I’ve seen the plans, they are good quality and they are not in direct competition to what we do here anyway.

That does look like a good price. I’m glad it’s on sale.


Thanks :pray: Chris, for your support!

Very professionally dealt with.

Like I said I’m just a redneck from Yukon Canada and live in the bush.

I’m a Woodgas enthusiast who grew up in forestry, fought forest fires, trap, and guide moose hunts 100 air miles from civilization. Lots of times I linger on your site and don’t even log in. When I’m in civilization. The emails you send out or great :+1: gets me back to your site. Maybe not as die hard as some. I’m on the board for Yukon Woods Product Association and like Mr. Kieth have a small bandsaw mill and build cabins. Just looking for a better use of those pesky slabs!!!


I’ve supported both Wayne and Ben and will in the future. Two good eggs!! :grinning:


I am a proud supporter of both TGBB and DOW on my site. Just look under our Resorces tab. :fire:


I just tried to order a copy. I entered my info and clicked order now but nothing happened. I have no idea if order by went through or not.

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Hi Jim I just tried the link on my phone and had no problem getting to the site. Try again my friend. If your having problem contact Ben via his website.


Ok Chris, I stand corrected and duly reprimanded.


words spoken from the heart do show the respect you deserve…

respect to you. :innocent:

and to Chris, Wayne, Steve, Gary … (endless list i am afraid :innocent:)


EVERYONE involved had good and honorable intentions :relaxed:


I did finally get the order to go through.problem was I put bc spaces​ between the didgets a s they are on my card. No spaces and​ order was confirmed.


I just saw the promotion in my email this morning. I have both of Ben’s books and agree with Chris that they are well done. I’m going to pick up this revised version and give my old to my neighbor.

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Well I finally got my three days no-rain dring out so was super busy yesterday f-i-n-a-l-l-y getting our main 34’ x 68’ garden plot tilled in. Rain today. And for the next 5-6 days.
Be no sweet corn this season - now too short from frost to frost. Had two mornings of hard frost with the good-day overnight clear sky’s.
So . . . I am a little late seeing this, and responding.

I am glad you sorted this out properly Chris Saenz.

Just goes to show that TOO MANY still insist that there is only one-way, one-team, one-true-god version: THEIRS.

I have often wanted to put up a topic that says BEFORE you would believe and base any decisions on anything you should commit yourself to reading , studying THREE different book versions of any topic or viewpoint.
I DID say this in my posted up review on his site, Amazon, and here on the DOW of BenP’s first book version.
And named the books I would recommend.

So let me make this clear to all - offend possibly many.
Christian stuff I will read a KJV bible, a Roman Catholic version, and an Orthodox version too. All professing to know the true meaning of Jesus Christ as translated from Greek and other original written languages. THEN, and only then, will I make a decision to possibly live by.
Next the decision must pass muster of other wise men - who are not Christians. But wise humanists I have come to respect also.

So, wood-for-shafts-power in addition to BenP’s books versions I still recommend reading at least two others:
1974’s The Pegasus Unit - The Lost Art of Driving With Wood (in resources here on the DOW as Drive WITH Wood);
1984’s? Producer Gas - Another Alternative Motor Fuel;
Vesa Mikkonan’s since 2000, Driving With Wood book;
Chris and Wayne’s book.
Once you get two out of three to agree with each other - WITHOUT referencing to each other - then believe/do/build.

But that’s just me. The most direct practical use guy I can make myself be.

Some you “must-be” “better” “Only One Way” “True-Believers” can just go ahead paying in to the Man, any Man-Priest who profits from your lazy-think, lazy-reading, spoon-fed expectant addiction habits.
True knowing costs much. In time set aside-used up; personal energy spent; and even hard to get, can-only-use-once $‘s expended. “Free” is a social disease expensively treated with rounds of antibiotics if you are lucky. Free information is a current culture social disease. Reject this gotcha’ entrapment.

$19 bucks is about inexpensive as buildable worked-use proven wood-for-power plans as you will get. Expect this to go up on the next offering.
I knew about this three months ago. Hush-mouthed friends are the true friends to have. BenP has no awareness of the May DOW get-to-gathers. He is in his own world striving to re-invent that world around himself as he lives in it. He lives Rural, surrounded by fast growing, trees-as-weeds, too.

J-I-C Steve Unruh


Stop posting SU, the like button gets worn out…


Ben Peterson’s June newsletter say that he has received the printed 2nd edition books from the printer and that he has mailed out pre-orders to those committed.
He says and I verified that these second edition books are now available through Amazon ordering too. Amazon says $47. USD.

I have been on my library one-hour-a-day downloading and reading a pdf beta copy since the 16th.
Today I paid to have that in real-by-god paper printed.
Ha! Only then can I many fingers flip forward and back and make it real enough for reviewing.

He has added an in-use, woodgas-for-power history section.
A detailed condensation monrator hopper construction section.
A personal story section.
Operating pathways wisdom section.
Metals materials selection, and why, section.
A discrete hide in plain sight (in the trunk) woodcharcoal conversion of his original classic 1965 Ford Mustang section.
Well worth getting an updated, expanded second version copy in my opinion.
Ha! Plus the Ist book version copy will no longer be available.
In his Further Reading section “Around the Web” he says to Read Enough to Get the Job Done, (but) Don’t Become an Armchair Expert.
His Vehicle Gasification recommend web reads there are:
Vesa Mikononen Gasifer
(book/download) Drive on Wood by Niels Skov - - - this IS available in the resources here on the DOW.

Others please do chime in as you receive your print book copies.
J-I-C Steve unruh

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I scanned the pdf version! Pleasant surprise to read the quotes! ! !