Woodgasifiers run on DETERMINATION

Hi All
In the past 24 hours there have been at least 8 guys on the Premium Side here posting about operating and improve the running of thier woodgasifiers: Chris Saenz, Wayne Kieth, Herb Hartmen, Patrick Johnson (ZA), Marvin Willoughby, John Stout, John Cleveland , Dutch John, Sean French, Mike LaRosa and Carl Zinn. And these are just those who are currently exchanging here about it.
Within a days trip from me I know of five who daily woodgasify operate for thier primary lights, water and refrigeration.
What is the difference between thier DOing this and those wishing that they could?

They could See that it could be done.
And they were DETERMINED to make woodgas work for them.
Ain’t about the perfect woodgas.
Ain’t about the perfect gasifier.
Ain’t about the perfect engine.
It is about being Determined to make woodgas replace some of the current gasoline, diesel, propane or grid electricity in your life.

Real soon now Eric Carter and Peter Coronis will finshing up thier systems and be joining up with those the the Determination to power thier lives with wood.

No fat lady singing - the Proof is did you make, and use some woodgas produced shaftpower?
Anything else is smoke and mirrors, jabber, distractions. Brush all of this aside. Fuel youself up with Determination.
If you are really Determined to make woodgas work for you then you will susceed like hundreds others have in the last 5 years.

"Cause truely; woodgasifiers Do Run On DETERMINATION !

Steve Unruh

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Steve Very well put.


Truer words, never spoken!

Determination, the fuel for the builder, wood the fuel for the gasifier… good combination, works always-

Thanks Steve !

Applause, Applause, big smiles!

Elegant words Steve,
It all about making time not excuses!
I went to motivation talk the other day.
The speaker said you can do more good ( for your soul and family and world ) in 3 years following your passion than you can do with the rest of your life following what society dictates!

Thanks patrick

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Keep posting Steve, appreciate all your words of wisdom

good thought and wise words. however…
despite however passionate my needs and wants are, there are sometimes obstacles that must first be overcome and missions accomplished before time/money becomes available for the next mission.
the desire is still there, and occasionally an “impossible” occurs to encourage one to keep leaning in the right direction. just a month ago, a friend who i shared my driveonwood book with called to tell me that he had come across a couple of 12" dia. 1/4" x 18" pipes (gasline pipe cut-offs) and wanted to give me one!
you know that i gladly accepted and thanked God for all contributions that will get me that much closer to the day i build my own gasifier. and i want to thank all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us newbies that are still waiting for our chance to get going on this great endeavor.

Hi Robin, Thank you for making the trip to Argos 2 years ago. I hope your surveying business is doing well. We worked a bit too hard here today. The pipes get tougher and tougher to pound in the bone dry ground and I’m having trouble walking but improving at the moment. I move like Fred Sanford now. Thanks for leading some of the prayers there. Good luck on your project but get er done. My truck runs sweet when I use it. It is fun and I still laugh when I drive it. Mike

hi Mike,
going to Argos and getting to meet everyone was a definite high in my life.
i’ll pray for some more rain for your state but hopefully you won’t get as much as the last time i asked…
i am interested in building my gasifier on a trailer like you did. have you ever done a thread here about your experience with that, do’s and don’ts, what you would do differently next time?

Oh purty pretty please Mike. I just put about a 1000 miles on a Vue in the last week all the time thinking about DOW like you do. New thread?

Mike the call is out… I would love to see you write up your trailer experiences. I’m thinking about one pulled behind a small car.
Best regards David Baillie