Work for trade to get on wood gas!

Hey there to any likely helper. I am hoping that you may be willing to host a
fellow eager to work, while helping me to put together some wood gassifier. I
have enough money saved up to get me in to the states and out to Nova Scotia
for my sister is having a baby in November. I realize it may be a burden to
house another jack of all trades but I am fully equipped to sleep in a
backyard. My biggest flaw in converting my own vehicle to wood gas is that
fact that I don’t know how to weld, I spend all my off time playing music. I
work as a carpenter, farmer, laborer & reforestation, I’m also good with kids
and was a summer camp director for a year. If you need any help in these
fields and would like to help me to get on wood gas and teach some mechanics
please contact me for any further questions. I would be willing to work for 80 solid hours, and I am a treeplanter, production and efficiency is our number 1 priority.