Yanmar clone 400cc diesel and charcoal

Well Bob, here you go. It might be interesting for some one. At least it is for me. Learned a lot last years, thank you all. Without this community I wouldn’t have made it so far. Even worse, I would never have actually started.

The green line is going up around 15:40, that’s the genny, and it looks it is sinking now. Gonna take a look.

Motor is a Yanmar clone 400 cc around 8 hp, electric motor 1500 rpm 7,5 kW and some measure electronics.

Aircooled engine inspired by Matt and others here. My first thought was watercooled (Lister HRW2 is still waiting to get fired up) because repair is very simple. And for the shop, if everything is standing inside the heat is right where it should be, the noise is something else.

Gasifier is based on Joni’s design, with a dropbox under , from there in a vertical needle felt filter.

Today I pulled to hard and zinc was melting on the outside of the dropbox, and he is hungry, totally empty after half an hour.

You can hear the difference between diesel and wood. Woodgas is much softer, not the diesel knock. Maybe you all know it already, for me a nice experience.

Yesterday I noticed in the short run that woodgas is not as smelly as diesel, so I decided to build a charcoalfilter after the exhaust. Good days bad days. Today was my lucky day. The granulat is a left over from some filter installation I build some years ago for a cnc lasercutter. Doing a great job! And it can be burned again!! Nice recycling.

Well just started and I hope there is more to come.


Only some condensate coming out of the filter.

Ha ha , and after 1,5 hour this happened

I think Mr Steve warned for this…well now I know


Nice! Did you convert to spark ignition? Or are you running a mixture?

Id love to use those engines in the future if we can convert them.


Well that is it for today. You really got me thinking about your Arosa Kristian. Perfect as chp for the house. Anything I should pay extra attention when buying, woodgas related?


No, just stock. I have 1000 gallons veggie oil that has to go. I think I found a way now and then it is goodbye diesel engine.


When the veggy oil is gone we need to figure out how to convert it to spark ignition and then just run it on 100% wood / char gas. Yeah I see now that container of char is a filter.


To convert that engine all we need to do is either find a plug that will fit or tap the head for a plug to fit. Then I could help you with a controller to fire the plug using an off the shelf modern ignition coil and use a simple prox to read the flywheel. You want this engine for woodgas. On wood gas I bet its more powerful than gasoline engines in its displacement and it should be pretty bullet proof.


Hmm, not sure about that. The generator is a standard asynchrone motor, 7,5 kW. Delivering less then 4 kW, getting warm and I see 11 A on my handhelt amperemeter. It should be around 8 A. I think it is because of the 1 cylinder and not turning smooth. For grid tied, I am not sure this is the best solution. For learning practice ok.

You mostly run off grid systems? With inverter generator?

And 1500 rpm is much less noise.


Yeah for over five years. Uh yeah cut to cord with those worthless Utilities let them die. lol


CAD system


And UCCNC. It took me longer to measure than cutting the piece.


It generally takes longer to design a machine than it does actually building one. The better you design the better your outcome always! :fire:


Hmm, you could be right. I am not writing it off. Sparkconversion then.


it would be cool to see it done and Im sure will inspire many; me included.


This certainly interests me.


Microgen has info, maybe a lot, i don t know. Just started reading. According to Allpowerlabs there is no powerloss when converted from diesel to woodgas. Good news.


Joep, not sure what you mean with the Arosa? Use its engine?

If you pay for shipping l will gift it to you :grin: the engine is in great shape but the car is now useless to me (our family geting big)


Wow! Slovenia is not the other side of the world. Thanks


No, im serious. I was just going to make an facebook add and gift it to someone, but if l can give it to someone that will give it new life the better!


Ok, things are going fast now. The clone is a very nice study project and it will be good for one winter heating if the noise is under control. Woodgas is getting to me now and I am thinking of a good stationary solution. The numbers seem ok.
The past year I dumped a lot of unfinished projects, clean barn is a clean head. I have to be very carefull to gather new unfinished projects. If I pick it up, I must be sure it is going to get finished.
Do you have a time limit on your Seat? When should it be cleared? It ran on woodgas, is it still organised for it?


Well it is still registred till next month. After that, l have to return the licence plates and the car will not be legal to drive anymore. I wuld like to get rid of it before that, because its a problem to re-register such a vehicle, since you can not drive to the inspection (legaly).

Also, owning a non registred vehicle still costs money, its a new policy with the goal to clean our forests and fealds of junk vehicles. So l need to get rid of it ASAP.

In case you are interested but cant find the time now, an option is (probably) to arrange ownership exchange, that way l have nothing more to do with it and l only provide a parking space for your vehicle :smile:

I was thinking of pulling the engine out for my self, but the problem is the recycling facility will then not take the rest!

Its not been woodgased for years. Well, last month for a few minutes :grin: otherwise its ideal for woodgas. 1000ccm 4 cyl, distributor with engine position sensor in the actual distributor so full range of timing adjustment