You Guys Really Need To Read This!

I am new to this Gasification, but well versed in the principals of how they work, and have a many sets of plans on how to build one, and thousands of pages and pictures of Gasifiers. But, In my opinion, this site beats all.

If you are truely interested in building one of these things, you need to get off the sidelines and join this “Premium” section. I just joined 2 days ago, (My Christmas present to myself) and been glued to this computer, looking at the videos, and taking in all the information that I can. I just finished watching the construction videos. Wow.

I am a Automotive Teacher in northern Maine, and know a lot of stuff, especially with the trades, and this site makes you feel that you can build it correctly the first time. Really guys (And any Gal’s out there), this guy works from his home making these and they work extremely well. Plus the ideas are just “Good Ol’, on the farm, make it work, and work well”, way to get it done.

It is money well spent. Now, I’m not involved with these guys besides buying in to this “Premium” section, Nor do I endorse them for any reason except from my own views. I originally thought that I did not have much to loose, and the money would be well spent just for the knowledge. Most real “Teaching” books cost well over $100.00 each.

But, I am “Bowled Over” with the detailed information on this site, and the detailed videos in the pay section. From one “Average Guy” to another, this site is great.

While they don’t want anyone to give their “Secrets” away, or let out too much detailed information, even if you don’t want to build exactly as they suggest, the wealth of information contained here the best I have seen. Tons of information that will get you motivated and your “Brain Juices” flowing.

Thanks guys for reading my Blog, I’m just so excited !!! I will be starting my own project soon.

Hello Mr. Winiarski,

WOW I don’t know where to start but I guess the first word would be Thanks.

The family and I have been down with the flu for the last week and we have postponed Christmas for a few days. I haven’t made any post the last few days but was just getting started when I read yours. As bad as I feel you have put a smile on my face.

I know how to build and operate a gasifier but one of my down falls are communicating my thoughts to others and this is where I could not do without Chris. He has the ability to tell others what I am doing and trying to say. I had Chris come to Alabama and stay with me for three weeks and we built a gasifier from the ground up. This gives him the ability to explain in detail.

Something else we could not do with out is all the help and support we get from all the members (Thanks guys)

There will be a lot of information coming. You being new on the site you may not be aware with the 25 / 75 % we speak of often. The gasifier and machine being the 25% the 75% being the operator.

The next year we will be making several hours of videos dealing with the 75%.

Thanks again Sir

Ken’s right!
Wayne, I hope you and yours get well quickly!
Merry Christmas, Tim

Hey Wayne,

Hope you folks get over the flu soon, and hope you have a great delayed Christmas.

And, Please, call me either Ken or “Cowboy”, (Not Sir)… I always wear a Cowboy hat, and boots, live really rural (Off the end of the world), and have had many horses in the past. Live on over 100 wooded acres in the middle of nowhere.

Like I tell everyone who asks if I am a real Cowboy, I reply,…“Yep, There are Sh_t kickers up here in northern Maine too !!!”

I’m building a private airstrip, and rebuilding a vintage airplane, and building a home-build aerobatic one as well, as I am a pilot also. Just fly light aircraft, not airline or military. So, thinking outside the box and thinking on my feet is second nature.

I do have one problem,… I think BIG,… So, I am lining up material to build 2 gasifiers at the same time. One to put on my Ford project truck, and the second to run a 30KW propane generator I have purchased. I’ll add pictures as soon as I can figure out how to.

Last night, (Christmas Eve), while everyone else was dreaming about Santa, getting presents and the big feast, I was thinking about where to acquire materials I need for this endeavor. My wife says “Just what I need,… another project”. She will get over it.

With that said, have a great holiday even if your delaying in your celebration. I’m sure I will be talking your ear off.

Keep up the good work. I really enjoy the information.

Ken “Cowboy” Winiarski
Surviving in northern Maine

Hello Cowboy,

I hope I am not too far of topic or appear to be hijacking your thread but you being a horse man I wanted to share some of my horse dealings. When one thinks of Alabama the last thing he would think of is a cowboy also.
Years back I also spent several hours a week with a horse between my legs and often me between or under his. In an 8-10 year period I had some close calls in some storms and was able to walk out only by the grace of God. Still have some facial scars to remind me of the storms. A couple of times dazed to the point I ask where I was and why I was there.

I had a good pack of dogs (Catahoula leopards and Texas heelers) and one horse that many in the cattle roping circles said was a lot smarter than I. Myself and a couple of buddies would travel about a fifty miles radios of home and track down, catch and load up wild cattle. I think the local cattle auctions had our number on speed dial.
In the dense woods the catahoulas would pick up a track and may go out of hearing but the horse would track the dogs just as another hound and go right where they where bayed . Once the horse knew which cow (or bull) we where after I would drop the rains and he knew where to put me and seem like he watched to see if I hit the target with the loop.

If I was called to catch something small I would often go alone. I could pull the calf or cow to the back of the trailer and get it tied off and run a rope through to the front of the trailer and to the horse on the ground and I could communicate with him when to tighten up , pull , give it all he has, loosen up and give me slack. With the cow in the front compartment I would ask him to come around and load up. Once stuck in mud with the truck and trailer I hooked him up and had him help pull while I drove the truck. I thought him to pull by harness him and plowing. (Most saddle horse don’t know how to pull) I could talk a while about what all the horse would do but maybe another time.
When I was ask to catch something that was heavy and dangerous I would call for my buddies to help .( but went several times alone ,what an idiot) I have a 30 cal carbine Blackhawk and holster that I would wear. I was willing to buy the bull before he got a horn in the horse or me.

The first two pictures below are where the bull went crazy in the local stock yard, busted up the inside and busted out and into the woods. The stock yard (and their insurance co) policy were for us to get the bull before it could hurt or kill anyone nearby. (Recently a bull did kill at this auction) This means bring him back dead or alive. It makes no difference to the stock yard.
Often something big would bust out.
The third picture is where an 1800 pounder W/horns decided to turn back on me and the horse rather than try to out swim us. Notice he is wearing a young Catahoula in the nose.
Fourth picture
We got talked into catching a couple of buffalo (cows) once. WOW .But that will be another story for another day.

Sorry about the picture quality. I took a picture of old stored away pictures.



Sorry to hear about your flu. We are visiting my wife’s parents in central Mississippi, and I determined I was only 4 hours away from you. Would love to come by and see your operation first hand, but I just don’t see it happening. Plus, you and the family need your time together just like everybody else. One of these days, though, I’m going to make the pilgrimage to gasifier mecca.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of us. Have a merry delayed Christmas!

I think I have it whipped , feel free to come by!


I attached a pic of my 30kw generator I purchased. Should run fine on WG. It has a propane set up and an updraft gasoline carburetor also. I will have to modify the cooling rack for the gasifier for stationary use.

I want to get some pics of the truck but it is in the snow and more on the way tonight and tomorrow.

Where I live, our soil is just orange clay, which makes mud whenever wet. Mud season is from early April thru late May. We have about 3 months of good summers, then back to the winters with snow and ice. This is the reason for 4x4 truck. A 2wd truck is a “Fair Weather” vehicle, and can’t be used much around here.

But I am considering a 2wd Dakota once I start these projects.

Ken Winiarski

I love this entire forum, and especially this thread. You guys are inspiring. Listening to all the “I can build that” types on this forum helps me, To the chagrin of my wife, I’ve never been one to just go to the store and buy something I could build better and cheaper myself.

I grew up in the woods, didn’t have broadcast TV 'til I was in my teens.
Learned to fix a lot of stuff with wire, tape, a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers.
Built a log cabin with nothing but a chainsaw, hammer handsaw and axe along with a few friends.

I Once loaned my parents $7 to buy groceries, my dad was an extremely hard worker, but opportunities were scarce in WV back then.

I say all that to say that I feel like I have finally found a group of people I really fit in with.
I hope to meet you guys soon.


If you could continue to grace us with these gems of wisdom, horsemanship, farm lore, and of course wood gas would be the greatest gift any thinking person could ask for. I mostly am lurking here right now due to copious other commitments, but I’m all in. The community that is being built through this website gives one home in an irrational world. Thanks for the sanity. If you’re not considering a biography you should