Your Design CHOICES

I thought it would be good to have a dedicated topic to illustrate the How, for-Who, and Why any individual Wood Gasfier design element selected IS actually A CHOICE.
Ain’t no actual Laws to this.
Just general Principals.
Operating Principles. Principals of Practicality. Principals of limitations of current materials and fabrication techniques and abilities.

I will give just one example to get this started.
With a grate.
Without a grate.
Both work; and can be made workable.
Ha! Where do you want to spend your operational time, eh?
Occasionally servicing the below and above grate areas? WHY the factory Imberts distinctively had their three largish round external maintenance ports. To allow for this ashes/soots and fine char clogging maintenances. Pretty Practical solution to a ALL-Must-Flow-Through grate system.

Or CHOOSE to go Grateless.
Then system drawn velocity Must sweep all ash/stoots/fine chars out of the gasifier hearth to be externally separted out from the produced fuel gasses. Some seem to like having to downstream design for this. Then have to Maintnece slave all of that downstream elaborations. Not me.
Grateless makes you a slave to always having the internal system velocity to keep things from Not clogging up.
Right there you chose to have a gas-flow range limitation.
Chose to have a system slaved to the design narrow range of wood base ash percentage.

Me? Use a gasses BY-Pass grating system. A Command active moveable grating system. Retain as much as possible the wood released carbons in the active heating zones for highest percentage of to-gas conversion.
Ash is actually the remaining mineral core of the trees built up carbon chains. So ash in the hearth botton tells me success for my goal.
I want maximum engine driving fuel gases.
I am not a charcoal maker. My low carbons Doug Fir woods, always too wet, even if just from air humidifies, will not support handleably/storable charcoal making. Different climate. Different woods, and I would design Choose differently.
Above the grate clogging on my preferred center post supported Active grate system??
Shake it down. Over the grate edges spilling. Port scrape out, and remove. Manually separate out. Re-cycle, Re-Use the portions. Fused Ash found? Dramatically change Operation expectations. Operating too hot.

Choices see?
No dictated Laws. No you-must’s Always. No Pope dictates this. No Master dictates this. No Genius/Guru dictates this.
Results are your Guide.

Steve Unruh


Having a part “Z”


HenryB, later municipal and manufacturing plant systems solved individual gasifier systems maintenance problems by going-big and using parelled multiple units in cell-groupings.
Then one at a time rotated out of production for “maintenances”.

On, Your Design CHOICES I have been involved in the past 13 years with 2-3 groups that evolved past building from off-shelf and scraped sourced components to CNC intentional systems manufacturing.
The Best gasifier dimensioning then the Design driver? No. The best net usage of the 5 foot by 9 foot standard metals sheets.
And the whole system then once sales supported to being designed for standardized shipping pallet space/weights footprints.

And I am not criticizing these developers with these design drivers.
Vehicle wood gasification and the design Drivers are the space and weight demand that particular vehicle can accommodate.

So the Laws-of-Thermal Dynamics. The " Laws-of-Gasification". Need to be wide range accommodating. Not declared worshiped rigid Laws.
Guidelines. Area maps. Stay on the know trails. Or beat you own paths. Ha! Mountain ranges obstructions to travel past and there are only so many useable pass’s !! Only so many navigable channels into/out-of any estuary.
Steve unruh



Although interesting the Gas Plant systems you have both put up . . . .
These also represent Design CHOICES.
The choices here 1st was making and distribution out combustible gasses for Others, useages. Illumination. Cooking. Even heating.
So Large-Scale. And that means Investors (expecting returns) for the development, building and set-up moneys they have committed to you.
Now gas making for-sale Today, drags in many Safety and Regulating Agencies. Meaning even more single point keep from deployment blockages.
Back in 2010 I tracked over $200,000,000. of investor moneys sank into bio-mass Gasification energy systems 1990-1999.
Another $300,000,000 spent out 2000-2010. Where are the working system?? Sold/Boned off for pennies on the original dollars.
So Today it becomes far-far away from the science-engineering and even practical operation aspects of gas making.
E.g. when the stunting in-California Myth Buster fellows want to prove out the real/not-real of making rocket fuel from human shit they had to use a certified (in California) registered license solid fuel maker to convert their human shit. Televised publishing they could not just DIY their own shit. BTW, that shit powered solid fuel rocket did work. Very smokie.
Ha! And how they got that past the California Air Resources Board?? Do only ONCE. So- sorry. Apologetic for our air-sheet polution; I expect.

So the reality of doing any form of gasification today, for any purpose THIS is your first Choice:
Do this above board for others to use?? Good Luck with that, Chuck.
Do this for just yourself and your own usages? O.K. now. That is doable. Long as you can more-or-less keep your mouth shut.

Ha! Ha! I’d much rather address the Choices I seen, and operated, between squarish/flat sided builds versus always round vessels builds. Ha! You can operate the flat siders by the pressures popping of their sides! Lets you hear things happening systemwise.
Ha! Now automate that!

Automation insistent bound . . . ( a CHOICE. NOT a use wood demand must-do!!)
Just another Choice. Then make the possibilities done fit the Automation Shoe? Always driving you back to a standardized pelletized “fuel”.
Make a perfect wood pellet fuel system. Watch it crash when some dumb-dumb puts non-spec for ash % animal bedding pellets it. Puts their own made-up Municipal Sold Wastes pellets in it. Puts in their made-up consumer plastics pellets in it. This always happens.
Or go human manual control and then be wide open to the widest range of wood fuel input possibilities. Openly declaring that any fuel other than wood is a system goobering up. Dumb-Dumb . . . You made Gum-Gum. Now, you clean it up, and Learn to use wood.
To my mind the first Choice is catering to folks insisting on wanting served up ice water into the hells of their life choices. Lives of bought and sold into always wanting; more . . . more. All the while, Doing actually less, and less for themselves. Expecting served up to their waiting mouths perfect hamburgers made to their every whim, and cater.
The second: showing folks that Heaven on earth is DYI on all aspects of wood-for-power. For heating. For powers. For transportation.
Keeps you healthy, wealthy, and wise. The settling for; good-enough, way. That Less Is More. Ain’t no Perfects. Only Gitter-Done. Sweat it out. This is what gives value into lives.
Steve Unruh


I based my design choices on watching what the experts had done and using my materials to follow those principles. I tried one with all stainless we will see how it survives.


Ha! Ha! Ain’t no experts here Jacob.
Been burnt many timers.
And some just stick-too-it, carve-away’ers. Means once you’ve eliminated all of the woo-woo ideas what’s left will be the Practical.
And Practical will be different depending on where you use/live. And the using attention you are willing to commit to it.
Steve Unruh