Friday Hangouts

Absolutely Don!!! What do we have to do? First I do need to confirm that my computer will work. I enjoy seeing you sitting back in you easy chair. Maybe Chris will set up a conversation with me to test my computer. Then I guess we can e-mail each other through DOW — I don’t have your direct e-mail.

JO I am no storyteller. I’m just stating the facts— nothing but the facts. ( from and old TV show— Badge 714; or something) TomC

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Hi Tom, I’m thinking the show was called Dragnet… Or something like that.


Hi Tom, just click the link anytime. If you arrange with someone to meet you there, then there’ll be someone to talk to.

If you’re around, try it now… I’m in the Hangout right now. Click the link above (few posts up)

Hi Chris, I am trying but getting the same message that I have to switch to “desk top mode” I’m looking to see what that is. I thought that was what I did last week. TomC

I think I am on???

Usual link.

Also this week, we’re testing out a new app, Discord (see thread here)

Topic: Argos

Couldn’t log in… hmmmm

Try again maybe? No idea…

Y’all have to go on without me tonight, not enough bandwidth.

Won’t let me on…