Friday Hangouts

Forgot to post this:

Audio from the hangout is now online:

Back again (reminder, we’re recording…)

Audio from the hangout is now online:

Thanks Chris, I was looking for that audio periodically Saturday and hoping you would get around to it.
The AMC’s factory original AM/FM radio never gets turned on with my digital Walkman in my ear.

[Recording again.]

Audio here: (will be live after it uploads)

Yep, we’re recording.

No recording this week, internet went down here for the whole evening.

Hi Gang, I feel free to use the f word and other items that are in my normal vocabulary but in the future I will pretend I am on ham radio and avoid the use so it can be streamed to the public … Very stressful period I am in right now and you are pretty much the only folks I talk with besides my clients and a few locals … Chris, we were on last night … what went down ?? Was it just video bandwidth ??? Once the kids get out of school you can forget any bandwidth … Stay well … C ya … Mike

Whoooee. No recording. Good. Grumpin’ about my own land stealing niegbor problems might have made me a bit verbal edgy too.

Hey MikeL here is a link to that Hugh Wilson chunkwood Ford tractor gasifier video I spoke of:

Bit long so’s I know you’ll be chewing at me. So . . .

Take a hear at this much shorter moodsetter by one of my Steve clonebrothers and his kin off their Farm Machine album:

Their version of ThunderStruck. My contribution to Argos.

Steve Unruh


I listened to that this morning… thunderstruck I mean.

Hi Steve U, Hugh is a nice guy … I believe I have talked with him on the telephone years ago but I am suffering from the infirmities of age as they call it here … I have to find the statute number real soon and hand it to the local cop next time he pushes my buttons … I wake up at 2AM and can’t remember what I had for dinner or if I took my blood pressure pill … I did BBQ a large chicken a couple of hours ago and Sue was real happy … We might get blown away tomorrow … We had a tornado here almost a year ago … I still haven’t fixed many things … 3/4" hail a few weeks ago … Small dents in Argos trailer … Mike

I had computer issues too, Google crashed on me that Friday.


Hangout live again. We are NOT recording today, if that matters to you. Topic: Argos.

Friday May 20th, 12:10 Pacific Daylight Time
Anyone want I’m online (taking a nap) for an hour or so.
Just use last weeks link on ChrisKY’s post above.
Ha! Open topic day with no recording.
Steve Unruh

Recording this week.

Audio archive from this week:

Not recording.

Recording this week.