Information about wood as energy

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My biggest worry in that regard is sulfur. Some of these woods back west where I go camping have some sulfur content to them. My thinking with the microwave was during startup and shutdown to help reduce the tar accumulation.
I also thought it was a funny link to throw into the mix. :smirk:

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Nice looking burner and I applaud you for giving Matt room to work!

You have some great applications. Seem to be doing your homework, so to speak. I’m sure you will do well. :smiley:

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Matt has been super cool and helpful to me over this past year we have been talking. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on his gasifiers kit!


Hello JayMcB
Here is your wood ash temperature problems info’s: (in the Library section here on the DOW)
A downloadble pdf of tests Mr Wayne contributed; and Chris Seanz has put up available to us.
Pages 12, 14, 16, and 18 shows the ATSM D 1857 test results of pure wood ash and wood with three other with a wood base"fuels" mixes. You can see that pure wood as an ash making fuel isn’t just better, but significantly better with a 300-600F higher make problems limit versus “others” mixes with significantly base higher ash giving problems much closer to needed gasifier temps.
This ash melting, clinker making, slagging, clogging is refereed to in older books and studies ussally refering to problems with peat sod and fossil coal as fuels versus easier wood.
Newer enedevors using Ag wastes; and Municipal Solid Wastes as gasifier fuel stock learn ash fusing and systems glazing/fusing coatings problems pretty damn quickly once operational, real worked and then committed.

Sulfur percents are listed on pages 11, 13, 15, and 17. Again wood is better. Shit is well; sulfer shit much more problematic. MSW it is metallic’s, in the ash. Sulfur’s and chlorine’s problems. And more.

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Steve Unruh