Life goes on - Summer 2015

I got to spend an afternoon with Ron Lemler at our national King Midget meet in Warsaw Indiana a few weeks back. It was nice to see him since I missed the meet this year


Thanks for the ride Mike, those little cars are a lot of fun!!!

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This is what has consumed my spare time lately, a new controller for an old walking floor 48’ trailer. I hope to start actual testing in a week or so.


that panel looks familiar…

Yarrr. Me bones creek like the oar-locks of Davey Jones’s skiff. Thar be no doubt that this tub of bones been plying the seas for more years than ever before!

I turned 31 today and I definitely feel older. Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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Hello all,

I finished the new truck and gasifier last weekend but didn’t get to drive it much . We had a weather window to harvest hay and have been busy with that a solid week . It is a real bummer to have a new toy and no time to play with it. :confounded:

The good news is have all the hay hauled to the house ( but not in the barn yet ) and most of the equipment hauled in .

I put 5-6 hundred pounds of wood through the ram this week , running real good :grin:


Hello all ,

Doug Drost wanted me to make a video showing going to gasoline or hybrid to pass a slow moving vehicle .

The first example I turn the gasoline about half on and open one of the two air mix valves as I accelerate .

Second example I turn the gasoline full on and both air mix valves open with the gasifier valves closed , ignition time to standard.

Third example is all wood . BBB


Thanks Wayne. There is more than one way to skin a cat with the WK system. Going back and forth to work I can see all wood running except for a deacceleration lane turning to a stop sign with a left turn at a busy afternoon. Method number two will work just fine.

Nice video Wayne,you make hybrid driving look simply easy.

Thanks Kevin .

I put about 80 miles on the 95 dakota yesterday . It really likes the big road :joy:

Put about 25 on the 95 Ram moving equipment this morning :relaxed:


I had a Wild Man show up at my door last Thursday !!!


You’re looking quite well these days. How much residual effects do you have from your treatments and such?

Today was moderately productive. Along with some general ornagizing/cleaning, I almost finished with the wood parts of my cider press (just waiting on the glue to dry before finishing it up)

After dinner, I tried my hand at some home non-alcoholic fermentation, starting with cabbage:

Ended up with 5 “quarts” (full quart jar squishes down to about 1/2 a quart of product) of homemade sauerkraut, and 3 “quarts” of “closer-to-Thai-than-Korean” kim-chi.

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Yeah Brian, that’s interesting work with your press!
You must know a thing or two about after Cancer symptoms, using words like residuals! I do have my share but it beats the alternative!
Herb H

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Nice to see the old timers of woodgas getting together. Did you send Mike back on wood?

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I know a thing or two about injuries and chronic health problems, though nothing as ‘serious’ as yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s still good to see that you are up and about.

Yeah there’s a lot more to the story of Mikes visit! The engine in his 2000 Cadillac blew 40 miles east of my place! He called me and I went and picked him up, he made arrangements for his car and I took him back to his home in Wisconsin!


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