Office Hours - Woodgas Hangout

Google seems to have altered their hangouts protocol, and you can now re-use old links indefinitely. If you notice, the last two posts above are identical links, with a week’s time between. Same link is still working. We’ll have to keep testing this, but it appears we can now have a “room” that’s always on, and folks can come in and out whenever. We’ll still have our Friday hangout, but no reason to wait - the link will always work, just pop in and see who’s around.

Here’s our semi-permanent link, bookmark it:

I’ll be around most of the day, stop in if ya like. Won’t be crowded.

Usual link…

Ha! Ha! Trying ChrisKY on my “new” recycled tuned up birthday laptop gift machine from my wife.
Even has a camera eye.
Google hanging up to download a needed plug-in.
Give me a cell call for manual hook-up if you want me for group earchewing. 81 anytime use’em or loose’em minutes left before I refreash at midnight.
Steve Unruh

yes i realize it’s a holiday in the US…

If you wanna chat i’ll have my puter on for a bit.

Happy thanks giving everyone

Same link as above.

on now…