Ron Holmack Legacy Scholarship: DONATE NOW

I am very grateful for being nominated I apologize for not being more active on the forum lately I have been very busy working and studying math and keeping up with all my friends and helping them

For example I was helping a friend of a friend who had bought his first car at 19 and basically he had broken a spark plug and dropped it down the cylinder so we had to figure it out and I helped him replace the valve cover gasket because the previous owner overfilled the oil and last week I replaced a coil pack on my friends comero But fortunately I have passed the math portion so now I will have a lot more time. Thank you all


HOPE someone gets good use and knowlege from this build- that is a nice looking build-=I caint take the truck or chunker, but if i did,i would have to donate some good chunk of cash to the famely-for all the nice fab work none on that truck,and countless hours,and welding electricity.


What’s with 2 votes? I couldn’t vote for same guy twice.There’s either someone you think is worthy or not, I haven’t been on here very long ,about 2 years, but in the time I’ve been here I only really heard of one of these people, and he has posted and given advice and thoughts more than most on here,works hard at a job,doesn’t live off government,and actually built a couple different gasifiers. So in my opinion ( which might not be worth much) I think there’s only one person who will actually utilize this stuff. CODY.


Well written Dean, i agree with you.
As i don’t have been on this forum very long, and lives on the other side of the pond, i feel i shouldn’t have to much to say in this.

But i know who’s always there with an answer, has a lot of ideas, well actually more answers than Google!
Who really deserve a ready-to-drive dow vehicle, to get time for chunk’in wood and other builds:
Mr Cody.

Sorry i forgot to write this most important: whoever wins this, it end up in right hands!
Everyone nominated deserves it!


Agree with Goran. People who are helpfull and redy to share their knolidge to anyone without expecting anything in return deserve the highest prise in my book. Cody is one of those people.


Less than a week left to vote! Just making sure everyone has seen it.


I was the the 1st person Canada to run a car on vegetable oil in modern times. I did hear a rumor however that someone did so in the 70’s. I got significant press coverage for this and helped a large amount of people convert the cars directly or through “Eco Auto” a company I helped start that did conversions. I also formed a group of mostly engineers that started Canada’s 1st biodiesel pilot project with the city of Montreal’s public bus company. The use of biodiesel by this company alone was calculated to have reduced green house gases but over a quarter of a million tonnes of CO2E. Biodiesel and renewable diesel made up 2.8 percent of overall diesel fuel use in Canada last year.

If I was to have a truck that runs on wood I would get publicity in a similar way. This would include being on the “Dragons Den” which is the Canadian version of “shark Tank” This would be to promote my carbon trading platform that supports the use of biochar by subsistence level farmers in Africa.

I am 56, live 45 min north of the USA and would not describe myself as someone of limited means. I however have a place in Vermont that the truck could be shipped to. I would then dismantle the truck import it into Canada and reassemble it. I unfortunately am too busy to do a conversation from scratch. Unless there is a truck I can buy or receive I will not be able to promote this great technology as I would like to do. It is very rare that a pre-converted truck is for sale. The world needs to know about the technology used in this truck. I would very much like to spread this knowledge. Thanks

Then start welding…


And the winner is… Cody Tate @ForbiddenTuna ! Congratulations Cody. And thank you to all the folks who participated in the voting, candidates and voters alike. It truly was the international woodgas community who chose our candidates and our recipient, and that means a lot.

The next step is to determine how to get the equipment to Cody in NC. What do you have available Cody? Truck, trailer, etc. Are you free for a road trip this spring?

If we’re starting from scratch the cheapest solution is probably a Uhaul box truck pulling a car hauler trailer. Load the chunker in the box, truck on the trailer. Take a bus ride up there, drive the one-way rental back home.

Borrowing a trailer might save some costs, but adds the complication of towing it out and back. It would probably need to be a long gooseneck trailer that could hold the truck and chunker together. I doubt you can fit the chunker into a pickup bed. You can rent a 3/4 ton pickup pretty cheaply, that’s what I did to get Henry Austin’s truck from Michigan to Kentucky.

Alternatively, we could look at a hot-shot trucking service, they take custom loads like this all the time. No idea on costs. I’m sure several here would be willing to chip in.


Thank you to everyone that voted for me, but more importantly a huge thanks is owed to the Holmack family for donating this truck and chunker, and a big thanks to Chris for facilitating this.

My dad knows a guy that does vehicle moving like this, he’s based out of Texas now with a few employees. I’ll have him try to get into contact and get a quote. He normally does rare cars, so the trailers are covered and could probably fit the truck and chunker in one go.

In the event that works out, I’m saving up for it starting now.

If that doesn’t work, I have a friend that works at American Airlines as a mechanic and he might be able to get a buddy pass for me, and we could rent a uhaul and trailer and haul it back ourselves in a big cannonball run.

I’ll keep everyone posted.


Sounds good! Let us know on the quote. Many here would like to contribute.


Congrats 'Cody. Hopefully you can set up some sort of show and tell’s to spread the wood gas concept to a larger audience. I believe that was part of the intent of the family to donate it. I would get moving as quickly as possible on finding a mode of transportation. Not Chicken Little. Things are going to get real hinkey, real soon.


Congratulations Cody.
What Tom said and I am confident we would all here on dow like a show and tell when you get it home. :smiley:
Pay respect and give the Holmack family thanks from all around the globe as well


Yes , Congratulations Cody.

What Johan and Tom said :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations Cody, yes, what others said.

And ofcourse we want, pic’s and videos, and updates along.


When I finally get in front of the truck, I’ll definitely document it for the forum. Hopefully the issues when it’s warmed up won’t be so bad. Could be anything from needing a tune-up to a new Computer. I looked into it briefly.

I also don’t know if Ron fully completed the gasifier system, the only pictures I’ve seen have the gasifier, heat ex, and cooling rails. Wish he had posted a bit more. His YouTube just has stuff about the chunker and his dozer. His fabrication skills were definitely better than mine that’s for sure.

I would like to show this truck to some of the local colleges, not entirely sure where I’d start for that. Maybe take it to the welding courses, or chemistry?


Yes, what everyone has said. Congratulations Cody, I know you will make it all happen.


Speaking with the family, it did run and drive successfully on woodgas. It had non-related mechanical issues when warmed up, so got sidelined and that’s why it’s not safe for a long trip. After a long storage time, gasifiers can get a bit rusty, you’ll have to check it over.

I’m going to put you in touch with them directly Cody. You can ask more questions and possibly do a video call / walkaround, plus work on scheduling and logistics.

This is exciting! I’m glad we all got to be a part of this.


Congratulations Cody :+1:


I will contribute $100 to a moving fund. Thanks to the Ron Holmack family for donating the truck. Cody is a regular contributor to the forum and we can all see he has a curious mind and a desire to learn more all the time.