“Use it up. Wear it out. Make DO. Or do without.” Kinda guy.

Wood is Ma Natures Perfect gasifier fuel. The original high hydrogen fuel. The original oxygenated fuel. Wood is infinitely sustainable. “Got Wood?” Then woodgassing will be easy for you. This YOU part of it is the critical foundation building block. IF YOU are building for YOUR Own personal use; with YOUR Own fuel woods; then you Will succeed. Period. Trick of this is You must commit. And YOU must be Using IT, to get this synergy multiplying effect.

Wood fuel (+) a willing, working human operator = success. The gasifier system isn’t a factor.

Balancing ALL else then becomes the controlling factors. Balance the in-hopper wood moisture to the systems ability to remove that excessive moisture. Balance the new woodfuel loads to the hearth THERMAL capacity. Balance the the grate type; and that grate’s activity to the woodfuel’s base mineral ash content and that ashes melting point. Balance the in-system char internally needed to be oxidized for system heat; and then reduction used-up; to each woodfuels volatiles to carbon/char ratios.
If for every hour you spend reading, talking, and building for gasification you will commit to at LEAST AN EQUAL hour actually wood burning - YOU WILL SUCCEED WITH GASIFICATION for you and yours.

“Even though I play with the formulas and theories and all of the numbers crunching I still feel that the hands on understanding that Wayne (Keith) has, and many of us too…is the only way… it’s all the same (gasification) beast.” John Blount
The only road to true woodgas learning is your own hands-on experiences. su
Wood Gasification: “It ALL depends on where you are at.” Mike LaRosa
Shun idealism. Shun extremism. Both roads to a myopic bigoted zealot.
Just practical Git’er Done Today! Then - Make it better Tomorrow. su
“Only actual fuelwood burning, is learning. Only IC engine woodgas loaded running, is learning well.” “If you ain’t burning - you ain’t learning!” su
“Any day fuelwood burning is better than any day just talking about it.” su
“Get your zones temperatures UP; and kept UP - and the chemical changes will take care of themselves.”
“Take care of the char bed and the char bed will take care of you.” s.u. “Mind your char bed!” Ben Peterson
“Soots. Soots. Soots. Soots, and Soots. Three you can minimize. The engine will eat the rest.”
“Soots passed though – just let the IC piston engine eat up as more power making carbon fuels.” su
“An internal combustion piston engine is the best of wastes eater’upper. Feed it well. And let it do its job.”
“Free the Carbons!!” su Because that is where the Real energy density is locked up.
“Hydrogen is a weak woosie gas.” su The Hindenburg BURNED: it didn’t blow-up. Many people survived. Gasoline, propane, methane, most HC rich vapors WILL pressure wave BLOW-UP!! huh?? It’s the REAL Energy release dense Carbon chains in these!

“Let NO BTUs Escape, Free, Unchained, Unused!” s.u. “Stop heating the crows!” Maxgasman