04 Ford Ranger on charcoal


I stumbled upon this while doing OBDII research.

If you put a masterswitch on your truck and turn it off every night, it should reset your pcm and forget the injector setting so it will start and run in the morning on Gasoline.

Just a thought.


Don’t tell me it is that easy!?!?!? I’m away from home this week but will be anxious to try it out when I return. I have a vague recollection of this solution being mentioned in the past, but never followed through. This time I will.
Gary in PA


I think I just removed the negative cable, used a jumper wire from the positive to the negative cable to drain the caps for like 5 minutes. There is a whole startup procedure like turn the key to the on (not start position for 10 seconds, then start and idle it for 5-10 minutes. it resets -everything- including like shifting. i was thinking there was a way to reset just one part of it in the obdII software interface I was using, but I am not sure now…


Anxiously awaiting status updates on the Ranger, along with the upgrades to the Charcoal system