2013 Indiana Woodgas Meetup | Argos, IN | May 17-19

The fella that owns the hotel in Rochester would not take my reservation before April last year. I tried several times. It seemed everyone bailed out on Sunday (early) and I stayed Sunday night at the hotel and Meschke slept in the metal building. He was the only one there. I am glad he was willing to camp another night so I could have a vacation. His wife was in Korea at the time so no reason to run home. It was much cooler on Monday after around 2 inches of rain and a mellow drive back here. We were the last of the Mohicans. We dumped the water out of the “fire pit” so Ron could pick it up and made sure the fridge was near empty and dumped garbage in the dumpsters etc etc . Guess we will be able to see what is up a few days before … We had another 3 inches of snow last night here so we are up to 9 inches or so on the ground with ice under it and it is around 10 degrees out right now at 11 AM Saturday … I have no interest in going anywhere at the moment. SWEM sometime, Mike

I might be dragging the chuck wagon along as I think that it will be coming home from Kansas about then maybe a little campfire and a little food lol

you are setting this up and mapquest says its 412 miles from me on the way home


Great looking wagon !!

If I were in your route I would offer to loan a fresh team of horses.

One is solid broke and the other I’m sure you would have broke by the time you reach Argos.

hook em rank and unhook em when they are broke lol

Is this going to be the largest gathering of wood-gas powered vehicles (of all sorts) since WWII ?? Let’s invite these guys: http://www.sleepymanbanjoboys.com/

I saw those boys on the Today Show this morning. They are really good! I doubt we could take a large enough collection to invite them there though :slight_smile:
Don M

I’m glad to hear you like Bluegrass style music, Carl ! My wife and I are bluegrass musicians, and in case we can’t get the Sleepy banjo boys to come-we are bringing our instruments (upright bass and mandolin), and hoping others will be there to sit around and jam with. I understand Chris plays banjo and Mike plays guitar–if we had a fiddle, it would be a full band !

I believe that would be Mike LaRosa, if he gets to drive down from Wisconsin.

Yep, Mike plays fiddle. I play fiddle, oldtime banjo and guitar but space is tight so I’m just gonna bring banjo and guitar.

We are so looking forward to it guys! My wife has already worked a way cool version of “Ring Of Fire” (in Dm. for you musicians) , amd she can hardly wait for Wayne to hear it!!

Hello Ron,
Chris was down here and we were supposed to be working on trucks but we slipped off to the neighbors a couple of times so that Chris could light up his banjo.

Here is a short clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ecu8O4tgts

Thanks for posting that clip of Chris and his banjo, Wayne ! It’s been a while since I’ve heard Groundhog-- (key of Bb. for you musicians), and Chris does as fine of a job playin’ the old time banjo style as I have had the the pleasure of hearing!!
Sometimes we call them “whistle-pigs” around here, and come spring, the greedy little fellows will eat anything green, especially in the garden… They are not too bad tasting, either, though I like venison backstrap better…

Bump. We’ve got 26 on the RSVP sheet so far, is your name on there?

Wayne, when youre on your way up to Argos, you can get a free dinner on me if you stop in at Franklin, TN. I just bought a 99 dakota today and my next purchase will be your book. I know I can do most all of this but the engine part will be my bump in the road. Free dinner for an hour brain picking. lol. not fast food either.

Hey Steve,

I may just take you up on the offer as long as it will last . I go through your area often and eat a lot!

Welcome to the web site.


Got my name on the reservation sheet. Also got the new book in the mail a few weeks ago. It’s a good read! Still haven’t started my project, but looking forward to seeing the group again.

getting ready to start a new job I hope to make it this year, depends on new work schedule. just wanted to post this picture

RC, It’s on a weekend … What kind of excuse do you have ?? You are so close. I have to bug out on Friday morning to make the evening meal … ML

New job is a 12 hour rotating shift, so weekends and holidays do not mean anything there.Just hope i am off that weekend.