2017 Indiana Woodgas Meetup | Argos, IN | May 11-14

I rsvp ed that I was coming to the meet but I’m not able to make it after all . I really wanted to meet some of you guys .Well maybe next time. Larry up in West Branch MI.

Item request: if someone has a spare air breather to a Dodge Dakota I would love to buy it at Argos. And any extra parts like sewer hose, damper valves, and etc. Many thanks!

Good morning Brian.

I will look around and see if I can find an extra and bring it .

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I found out the only time I can pick up bees for my new experience is on Saturday May 13th. Sadly I won’t be able to attend this year.
Hopefully next year I will be able to attend.

Good morning Woodgasers,
We picked up the key last night for the fairground. We will start setting up on Thursday. The hog and the chicken are ordered for meals. We have wood chunks for this year so, anyone driving in on wood will have enough for your return trip. Looking forward to getting together with everyone again this year. Looks like it will be nice but cooler. Bring an extra blanket. See you all in Argos this weekend.
Ron L.


Hi Gary,
Glad to see your coming this year. Are you bringing your charcoal making set up?
Ron L.

Good morning all.

I just talked by phone with an Amish gentleman in Ohio . He and three or four of his friends plan on making the trip to Argos.

Very interested in talking with Ron L and others with generators .


Thanks to Ron and family, you make it happen. A bath for the dog, truck, and me, a little more packing and we’re off.


Hello Carl.

It has been a year but my ole truck got a bath also :grin:

Seeya soon :blush:


It looks like I am coming after all if I don’t have problems along the way


That is great news Randy .!!!

We are about to fire up and start trucking !!!

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With work this year, I’m not gonna be able to get there until probably Friday morning. We’ve got work scheduled Thursday morning, and it’s about an 11 hour drive to Indiana from where I’m standing … I will get there though!


WE’re leaving within the hour. Very excited to be heading west to see old friends and make new ones. Safe traveling all. We hope to be there thurs. evening.


We are in Seymour IN . We put down about 450 miles in 9 hours . Truck is running great :grinning:


Leaving in the morning. Hopefully will wake up when wife leaves for work 4am


Myself and son Brandon should be there Thursday evening.
Fortunately a short drive for us! Looking forward to it!! :grin:

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not making it this year guys stay warm have fun try not to kill mike :grin:


Well I will be a NO SHOW. I pulled a muscle in my neck and am too stiff to drive safely. It is getting better, but not that good for making the trip to Argos. My regards to you all. I even upgraded the filtration on my Ford Ranger in anticipation of going to Argos. Here is a picture of it that was inspired by Kristijan’s filter design.
Material for baghouse filter socks - #6 by KristijanL

The chargas goes from the 55 gallon drum through the cooler to condense out water, then through the 4" PVC on the cab roof. It enters the one leg where stainless steel scrub pads are placed. At the passenger side the gas makes a right angle to where the suctio fan is located. It then goes into the forward most PVC where there is a 2" PVC pipe, perferated by many 1/2" holes and wrapped in a wool blanket. This is the piece you see laying just above the windshield. The gas then goes past the flare and to the engine. I have not tried it out yet other than idling. Argos was to be the first real test but that has now fallen through. Hopefully I can get back to using this truck and post more on the Ford Ranger thread in the near future.
Gary, now resting in PA


I have 1 - 3" cooling rack pipe above the F250 cab and at any speed above about 40 MPH it makes a loud rumble sound.

Those cab roofs make a great wind instrument but only a slight distraction when DOW!

Wish y’all were here…