2017 Indiana Woodgas Meetup | Argos, IN | May 11-14

This is the official thread of information about the 2017 Indiana woodgas meetup.

We are going to meet in Argos, IN on May 11-14 at the Marshall County Fairgrounds.

Most of the info from last year still applies. Hope to see you all there!



If you’re coming we need to know, for insurance reasons and general planning; this is not technically a “public” event. But we’re all friends here, and you’re all invited. So, tell us if we can expect you! Signup sheet below.


The fairground is on Linhart Dr in Argos IN. Just put “Linhart Dr. Argos, IN 46501” into Google Maps or your GPS.


The nearest hotels are in Rochester and Plymouth. A few choices, but get your reservations early. According to Ron Lemler, the hotel rooms vary from $41 to $100+ per night.


On-site camping is free, and highly recommended. Electric hookups are available, $15 a night. There are train tracks close by, trains do run at night - just FYI. The consensus is that staying on site definitely improves the experience, I’d encourage everyone who can to do so. In the event of bad weather, we can move tents inside the buildings.


Main courses for lunch and supper are provided, but we encourage everyone to bring some food to share. We have a wonderful group of ladies who have kept us well fed every year. Anything we can do to make their lives easier will be appreciated!

Please RSVP if you are coming.

View the responses here:

2017 Indiana Woodgas Meetup - RSVP (Responses) - Google Drive

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Bump. Argos is fast approaching, please RSVP if you’re coming!

I wish i knew for sure i wont know till a week before the meet, can i show up and camp else ware for one night if i can make it, and spend at leaste one day at the meeting.

Hello Kevin .

Plenty of room at the event for camping .

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Working on the t-shirt pic. Those of you who remember the idling contest last year, the prize was getting your vehicle on this year’s shirt. We had a 4 way tie, so everybody got to be in the picture with the 4 vehicles.

I present to you, (nearly) all the woodgas drivers in the USA.

Wave my wand, all the ugly wires be gone:

And, get things ready for mono-printing:


Good morning all.

Time is flying by ! One month from this hour we should be headed north to Argos :grinning:

Expecting to add about 1500 miles to the dakota that weekend .


Well, I signed up, but it remains a bit tentative, due to uncertainties on the home front. Certainly my heart is in it. We’ll see how it goes. I hope it will be a rousing success!

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Four more weeks to Argos :grinning:

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Three more weeks till Argos and counting down :grinning:

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Lordy Mercy, I got to get ready!

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I don’t know if I’ll make it this year. Just finishing school and looking for a job. So money is short and so is time. I might be able to sneak down just for the day. Pretty sure I won’t be able to bring the wood burner though.


i may attempt it with my wood burner this year but if i go that route it would be just me not enough room for the ladies plus some one has to take care of animals i may not know till right before

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Reminder to everyone, if you are coming please RSVP. It helps us a lot.

View the responses here:

2017 Indiana Woodgas Meetup - RSVP (Responses) - Google Drive

is there a cut off date chris i am still trying to work out the details to see if i can make it

Nope, come if you can regardless. We just want RSVPs for planning food etc.

ok i will let you know as soon as i know for sure thanks

not going to make it i sure wanted to, have fun everyone maybe i can make a closer one this year

Too many problems here. Maybe next year.