2024 Kentucky Woodgas Meetup

NOTE: A big thanks to Mike Reynolds for getting this discussion going! He has been a great help over the years organizing the Argos event, and this thread, originally titled “Woodgas Meetup 2024: Planning”, got the ball rolling to move us to a new location, and a new host, our good friend Thomas Foster.

I’m going to convert this existing thread into the official one, so we have one single place to send interested folks who might want information about attending. So, without further ado:


This is the official thread of information about the 2024 Kentucky woodgas meetup.

We are going to meet in Whitley City, KY at the Sandhill RV Park & Camp, June 13-15.

Please RSVP here:

This is the first time we are meeting at this venue. Thomas Foster has done an excellent job with the legwork, and I will compile some of his information below:

More of Thomas’ pictures and comments are below: 2024 Kentucky Woodgas Meetup - #22 by TheIrishEngineer

Hope to see you all there!


Makes me wish I had the facilities to host it!

NC isn’t an ideal location for the West and Midwestern friends, though.


We have been throwing some ideas around. Time to do some research!
It will be a more Southern location, probably. Several folks have made offers of having us over. It’s a pretty big group and responsibility. We are looking for someone who Really Wants the event, and will welcome our outside-the-box ways!


HEY i may have a real solution to this. i need to get ahold of some guys i know at the courthouse tomorrow to make sure, but i may have a place that wouldn’t just ACCEPT the groups existence, but may be willing to put some weight into it. it would WITHOUT QUESTION be something our news paper people would have on the front page. on top of that, we have a beautiful local fairgrounds the county recently build with all new facilities. with my county being an old school mining county that had our mines closed down, this is the EXACT thing of thing my local judge executive would LOVE to put some county weight into. him and my dad go back pretty far, ill setup a appointment with him tomorrow morning and shoot it past him and see what he thinks.


Thomas, it was nice meeting you and hear you talk about your dad’s trailer. I like your idea. If I remember right you are in Sedalia Missouri, is that right?

Garry C


whitley city kentucky. dont worry about being off though, its a small place. but super wholesome locals. im a little south east of Indiana.


Oh shoot that’s only 5 hours away.

I wonder if a woodgassed C15 could handle the climb through the mountains though.


oh have no worry about that. they opened up a new highway thhat connects I75 to route 27. so its a super smooth ride if 75 is reachable. if your west of 75, then any road that’ll get you to 27 will put you on a good smooth ride straight down (or up). MOST of the real rough mountain roads have been updated in the last 5 years. the county has been trying very hard to make access easier.


I’m in North Carolina, so I’d be traveling west through TN and then north to get there.


Hey Thomas,
I was wondering how we connected so easy come to find out I had a brother in law that grew up in Whitley he has been gone three years.His dad was sheriff years ago Tom Roundtree.
Dan Moore


thats one heck of a coincidence lol


my county also has one of the last fully functioning steam trains in service too. i know its not directly related to wood gas, but i have NO DOUBT that the locals would be BEYOND accepting of the concept, but there is a very real possibility that i can get the local government involved to help. the local paper WITHOUT QUESSTION would want in on it. heck, as little news that goes on here, they might donate just for the right to interview. the last major front page news we got was a community trash pickup down in Cumberland falls tourist area when i went down there with the local bee club i work with.

i see no reason the county wouldn’t want to get involved and possibly help organize some sort of advertising at a MINIMUM. but personally i think its something the locals would get very into. its the most prefect politically neutral thing i can think of. environmentally its great since its carbon neutral, and EVERYONE can get behind the idea of being less relent on gas.


Hey Mike, as we discussed in Argos, my place is always open. However, some of the folks coming from the south have such a long drive, moving it north seems less than ideal. But if nothing else pans out, it’s always an option.

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well with that on note, ky is almost dead center of the country vertically, and not in a bad position from the coast as far as populated areas go. i would hate for anyone to have an extended drive ofc, but it may open up availability to others. ill certainly know more after i talk to the judge executive in terms of potential incentives for the group


I hope your local leaders reflect some of the enthusiasm you are generating towards having the driveonwood folks there! There are a lot of advantages to your location! :cowboy_hat_face:


just got off the phone with the judge executive. he seemed interested enough that he moved one of his appointments over. im going to go do a little show and tell for him at 10:30 to pitch the idea. but he definitely seemed optimistic


There are a few criteria for any new home for the woodgas meet. It absolutely needs:

  • Woodgas “messy” stuff welcome (smoke, flares, noise, draining condensate etc)
  • Tent camping on-site
  • Bathrooms & showers near the tents
  • Parking space for 20-30 vehicles
  • Covered dining area with electric
  • Near the host family, probably within 15-20 minutes
  • Rental cost has historically been $500-1000 for the weekend (Thurs-Sun)

Some nice things to have:

  • RV hookups
  • Hotel/motel within 30 minutes
  • Large 4H-type building
  • wifi / cell service

We are looking at hosting options in our area in Northern KY, however if Thomas’ location works out, that would be a very central spot and better for the southern contingent. Some drive times to Whitley City:

Springville AL: 5 hrs, 305 miles
Wedowee AL: 5 hrs 42 min, 342 miles
Bourbon IN: 6 hrs 29 min, 411 miles
Monterey KY: 2 hrs 40 min, 151 miles
Zeeland MI: 8 hr 12 min, 523 miles


Just got back from the meeting with the judge executive. He pushed the meeting out a little bit so that he could get our economic development director in on the meeting. Pitched the idea to both of them, and they were very excited about the concept.

Absolutely no question that they would be accepting of the wood gas community even with all of our " messes". Smoke, flare, noises and drainage in no way should be an issue and they are willing to be very accommodating.

I’m getting ready to call the fairgrounds manager in just a couple of minutes. There are two fairgrounds locations nearby, and I’m going to confirm which one would be the better option with the accommodations.

I know for a fact that both locations have ample room for parking and should certainly have no problem with campers or tents.

There is a hotel just a little over a mile down the road, so access to that is very close by.

I’m going to call the fair director and the head of the tourism board to make sure that there is wi-fi, RV hookups, and access to bathrooms and showers


Check on pricing as well, I forgot to mention that in my post above. We’ve historically been around $500-1000 for the weekend (Thurs-Sun). More than that is doable but will take some effort on the fundraising.