"88" Chevy

Not done just yet but getting close. 1988 chevy 1500, 2wd with a three inch body lift for pluming clearance.The engine needs a intake manifold gasket and the pluming from the filter to the engine before I get to try it out.

Another “star is born”. Great, congratulations.

looking good dave.

Would love to see some under the hood shots

Thanx Carl. Dustin I’m not bringing the gas up to the engine until I fix the intake gaskets. I will post more pics after that is fixed.


Dave, Keep er up … Is that carborated or TBI and also is it 350 or 4.3L ?? I may be able to help with some of the Chevy issues. ML … PS, I’m a “ham” and usually listen on 7295 AM during the days I’m in my office (WB2EXG) …

Thanx Mike It’s a 350 with tbi and a 700r4 trans. I don’t do the low bands I need to upgrade for that (440, 2m and 10m for now.

73 Dave

Looks great! I wish I were that far along.
You anywhere near Brainerd or Motley?

Thanx Wes It all takes time. I started on this one in April. I live about 125 mi south of Motley.


Looks good Dave, Must be nice to have plenty of room in the engine compartment. Have you plumbed to the front yet?

Dave, The exhaust manifolds are pretty tight but a piece of 2" by 3" STEEL gutter pipe can get along the side of them just fine and take the heat. Keep that in the back of your mind. Remember to wire a switch to turn off the injectors on that one or it WILL pull gasoline up from tank without a fuel pump. In 410 miles mine sucked up half a tank along with the wood. I still had to stop every 50 miles or so to reload. I was able to drive 80 mph hybrid though. Mike

Excellent! Another woodgas truck! You’ve been holding out on us all this time!
Looking forward to some performance numbers for the 350.

Update the intake gaskets are fixed. I hit a new bump in the road, cylinder number seven hydro locked today.
Time for a different engine I have an “88” suburban with a good engine. will start swap out tomorrow.

May you have a safe swap with minimal complcations.

Sorry to here of you engine issuesDave probably a head gasket all along huh? Mike, I’m new here also live in WI and will start construction of my gasifier soon. Most every thing in my stable wears a botie would like to know how they respond to wood gas. I have some 2.2 liter s10’ s but mostly carbureted small blocks, some with some compression. have you done any thing with quadrajets? also have some Pontiac and caddy stuff I like to use in trucks

Dave I see your in MN . Are you near Duluth at all?

Jim, I used an antidieseling solenoid off a quadrajet for my woodgas idle solenoid on my 93 TBI truck (4.3 liter)
Carborators are a pain in the ars. You have to wait for them to drain and then for them to fill back up if you want to switch fuels. It’s just tough to fully control.This is why most of us have gone to TBI or MFI vehicles which also generally have larger ports to carry the woodgas. Mike

Hi Jim; I live 35 mi sw of Mpls.Yup intake and head gasket all fixed now. I agree with Mike on the carburetors. I did use a Q-jet on my test stand engin and it worked OK but on that one I put the wood gas in under the carb…
you tube video
305 cid chevy SB on wood gas - YouTube )


Hi David
I’m gearing up to convert my Chevy C20 to wood gas, if you don’t mind, please could you do some photos of your gas and carb setup, so I can get some ideas.
How did you isolate the carb so as not to have petrol dribble through ?

Patrick; Here is a link to the mixing box. woodgas mixing valve2 - YouTube This was a test setup and I suspect that there was some gas dribble. Another slide plate under the Q-jet would stop the leak.

Patrick, Richard Craig has a 1963 C-10 converted. I don’t recall what kind of carb it has but I would guess a single barrel. He may be able to assist you with other issues. From years past I have found that trucks in Australia, Canada, and South Africa are different than the ones we have here even though they claim to be the same. Mike