A chunker I have not seen

Here is a new one for me on a YouTube channel Made In Poland. Has a unique side discs branches splitter:

Ogle some at the well equiped metals working shop, yes. Do not miss his round center shaft to square flats sided conversion. And his adjustable clipper blades mounting.
Skip forwards to minutes 14:00 → 17:00 for his by-hand working up thin plate and sheet metals for the guards and guide-in chutes.
Gasifier fabricating techniques here! Using a plate edge as a plasma torch from surface distance guide - never seen that.
Using/working operations begins at 18:00
Observe well that the pre-prepped, leafs and twigs stripped branches are needed to produce the clean chunks.
He has another video making up and engine driven disc shredder to handle the twigs ends and leafs.

A big engined shred/chips ALL Arborist system and then you get to tumble screen and sort separated all later. “Free” truck loads of dumped: Ain’t! Easy, and labor free that is to get the 20%-35% useable separated out then.


What would have to be done to make shorter chunks?


Use more blades. Like a 12 blade or 10 blade system


I had one - a Shred-pax. 30"x60". It needed repair. The fire got in the way. My village said I couldn’t use it. I put it in the scrap bin. I changed my mind but the scrap company opened my gate and took the bin without my permission. Just the 2 rotors, the box and the timing gear case weighed over 10,000lbs. It was designed to have 2 40hp gear motors driving it.
I suspect that the results of using one for wood would be fussy about what orientation the wood was fed into the rotors.


Yes, it will, I think…Mine is only 3 kW, used for metal crap behind a lathe in some Mercedesfactory. You dont see them much and the price was right. We have a lot of pallets we have to get rid of. The plan is that this one will take care of it and make fuel for the gasifier some day.

2-30 kW is something else :grinning: Something about man , boys and toys


I got mine from the scrap yard. It had been disassembled. One of the Nord gear reducers was gone and I watched as the semi truck loaded with electric motors left the yard with the two motors on it. I actually found and bought a used motor with proper gear on it figuring for my uses 40hp at some 40 rpm would do enough damage. Alas - I’d had it some 8 or 9 years and wasn’t getting it put together. I really was angry with the scrap company for taking the container without my knowledge though - and then claiming the shredder was already gone when I called them the following day…