AL Trip Report

Hello all,

Wayne has graciously agreed to let me come down for two weeks and learn the art of woodgas building firsthand, building one of his trucks and finishing mine. This will serve as a trip journal so you all can follow along.

I’m leaving Monday, early. Will keep you updated on our progress!

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the truck I’ll be taking down there on gasoline, hopefully coming back on woodgas:

Your in good hands Chris, We all know it will be a sucsess!

Boy oh boy I wish I could join you on that one even for a couple days. I just got a really nice toyota 22re that I am going to try to convert.


I’m excited for you and your Toyota. I’ve been looking at Toyotas the last couple of weeks and wondering if anyone had gasified one. I had one years ago and loved the truck. Now you need to start posting picks and updates.


Chris F

Chris F.
I will keep people posted on the mount up. I do have pictures of my gasifier over on the woodgas site, I have not brought them here yet. I always have to have my beautiful wife help me when I do stuff that like that on the computer.

It might be hard to do but if we get Chris’s truck gasified and running good I will try to talk him into driving almost home on gasoline and waiting until 60-70 miles out and light it up on wood.
With a new gasification system and a new driver there are a lot of things that can happen that one needs to sleep on to figure it out .
I still maintain 25% machine 75% operator.


Wayne, could you size the throat area and right above so that if Chris wants to bale out on his engine and shove a good ole 440 in there, he’ll be able to have a healthy ride? He won’t have that power from your recent video of the gasoline Dakota that I’m sure Lisa doesn’t know about,
but he’ll be able to get tickets on the freeway. Ever think about doing a bed and breakfast? Truthfully, I would be happy with a tent and an extension cord…

Hello Doug,

The wife said she was never going to get in the bed of the truck and hold another camera!!!


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Morning all. Headed out at 4:30am EST. Taking it slow with an old truck, should arrive at Wayne’s before noon Central time.

Wayne, My jaw just about hit the floor when you mentioned your wife was in the bed of the truck when you did that burn out. I’m surprised we didn’t her scream “Wayne!! Stop this truck this instant!!”
What our wives go through sometimes…
She sounds like a keeper.

Everything’s great, made it down fine. Worked on the system and made good progress. Taking a break. Lots of stuff to post about later…

Here’s some of the highlights from yesterday.

Stopped at the Alabama welcome center, and look what I found. Radiator has a pinhole leak… made it 300 miles just fine though.

Spent a good day working yesterday and another fine morning shaping up.

Its amazing how fast two people can get something done.

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Chris, I love it when a plan comes together … ML PS, 45.42 bucks for a carton of cigs ??? … I think they were 15 cents when I started smoking and I remember when they went to a quarter … I quit in July of 91 … Dollar ain’t worth spit … A large candy bar was 5 cents when I was a kid … It was a killer when they went to a dime … I think they cost a buck now or more … Say hi to Wayne … I will probably call later to bust your chops but need to make some money first …
Here’s my stop at the Alabama welcome center …

Pictures from today. We made tons of progress, and the gasifier is around 2/3 done. There’s lots else to do of course, but it’s a good feeling to get closer.

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Another good day. We’ve been busy training up the next generation of woodgassers. You can never have too many barrels. Tally fetches another and shows off his muscles.

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Can you estimate the number of man-hours the sections of the build are taking… like __ hrs for the burn chamber, and __ hrs for the heat exchanger, etc… or even the big total like a month of Saturdays to do the whole thing. (not counting the drives to Ala). Great work !!

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Gary, Wayne estimates about 250 hours in one of his Dakotas. More time for new models like the V10, less time on this one since I had already partially built it. We will get a breakdown eventually. For example the hopper took about two days.

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