Another Victoria based build

Not that I don’t have enough on the go already. I started another small build, again based on Stephen Abbadess’ Victoria.

This is the inside reactor area of another small gasser build. 3" restriction… this will go inside another 8" tube. The slot is for the lower nozzle (based on Stephen’s Victoria) top row of nozzles will just peek over the top part of this tube.

I’ll try to post more pics as I go.

Hi ArvidO.
I look forward to sseing more in this.
You (and TerryL) been the ones to show StepehenA’s design was IC engine useable.
“Only a couple of really good ways to skin a (pole) cat” Out of a hunderd possible ways.
I’m not afraid to eat some crow and now be willing to up that to four good ways with Mr Waynes and Stephens now.

Steve Unruh

Steve Unruh

sorry for taking so long posting stuff… been kinda busy with Christmas and the like… Mine and my two kids birthdays are in Dec. as well ( so is my ex wife’s for that matter)

I have my nephew Josh giving me a hand today… he gets to do all the fun stuff like grinding…

My nephews handy work… he cut and welded the bottom flange, made the bottom, indexed and drilled the holes, installed the grate and adjustment handle.

Not bad for his first kick at the can.

Had Terry L here with me for the last couple of day, been just like old times.

so what’s 12" round, a little less than 24" tall and weighs 93lbs? our lil hearth as it sits right now… I guess it’s made outta something

Morning Arvid,

I started to say my wife but she is not that tall!

Hi Wayne
hope your still able to post after that comment LOL
I have that 8" wk i have been working on about done i hope to be picking your brain on fire up soon
I want to use a wiper motor for a shaker with an ear on the grate to shake it side ways don’t how that wil go hope to work on it next week
been a long fall sister inlaw passed last month and mother inlaw not well
thanks a lot for all the help from the site
See Ya

Hi Tom
Sorry to hear about your family,
Did you take any pictures during your 8" wk build? We all love to look at pictures! What size or diameter barrels or equivalent did you end up with?
Don M

Hey Tom, I’d be very interested to hear about your build… do you have pics etc you can start a build (built) tread?

Added some temporary legs to the unit so i can work on the top again. Gotta get some plate steel for flanges to build the hopper next, and of course i ran outta wire for the welder… dang…

Need more wire for my welder… and some plate steel… and… and… and… the list goes on.

Thanks for the continuing picture updating ArvidO.
I am beginning to really see the design characteristics that I never could pick up on with just the worded descriptions.
Steve Unruh

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately… money is tight and i was gonna do some things differently on this little unit… but that will take me awhile so I figured i’d just do it this way instead.

I have some rods for my stick welder so I may even get to work on this this weekend. That is if my buddy that wants me to sing in his band doesn’t show up to distract me… fun fun.

Hey ArvidO.
Know about the money squeeze in delevoping. Still dormant grass and weed growing time here so the old fences MUST be upgraded now. I hate buying that metal instead of gasifier system stuff.

Like your vertical tube cooler. Historic proven. It took me so-o-o long to finally understand the gases flowing up with dropped out consendate washing down sections. Friend Duch John finally got this “up the down staircase” concept to sink into my thick skull.

Steve Unruh

Hi Steve U, Max in Finland also made it quite clear but it is usually easier to feed the top from a design standpoint so I still do it this way. On my truck the flow is from the lower side up on the first leg but now all my baffles are all rotted out in that leg and it is full of rusty mud so to speak. The drain valve is also gone (rotted) so I need to repair these items. I just hope the pipe itself hasn’t rotted through … Bruce & Sean in Florida (Woody and son) reported their 3" EMT pipework getting pinholes in it a couple of years ago. Florida is another place and Bruce get’s salty air. Been slushing here all day. Hard to walk anywhere. 10 inches of slop on the ground everywhere … ML

Oh, Arvid, I’m glad you guys are having success with Stephen’s stuff and I’m glad he has shared it so you could test it. I just store the info in my brain. One day I won’t have all this internet crap and will still need to drive and run engines. Once you are bit by the woodgas bug you have the disease for life like the Lyme Disease I have (I have the woodgas bug too of course). It really pisses me off to watch people burn up brush piles. I look at them and try to guess how many miles I could drive on them. I get choked on diesel fumes here and also my neighbor’s fabric softener from their dryer which runs ALL day … Hard to exist … At least I get a bit giddy lighting off a gasifier but not sick … ML
PS, I still haven’t caught Terry on Skype this winter but talked with Greg for an hour and quarter the other night …

Slowly coming together…

lil more welding done today…

Looking great!

Though I have always lit our gasser top down i thought it couldn’t be a bad idea to make a place where i can light it through the bottom nozzle… looks like it should work… proof will be in the pudding though… so we’ll see once it’s done.