Any good news on the v8 or v6 dakotas

just checking too find out any thing new on the premîum side of DOW hapening too cure the obd2 timeing on Chevy or dodge, before I resign up for premium,thanks for sharing the wood gas designs.and good tech news,
hard too find body’s not rusted too prices up
here in ,MI.


Good morning Kevin.

I have a 99 360 dakota with a distributor I plan to gasifie

But after I gasifie this 95 dakota

Just not enough hours in a day :confounded:


Just checking on the obd2 timing cure adjustments what do you think with all this alternative fuel vehicles that they would have a timing adjustment,option on market ,time will have too tell any body finds a modification tuner, plan good luck if you can.I guess they need a more programmable computors at the timing control .
Thanks again Wayne,And Chris, on the excellent Have Wood Will Travel ! BOOK) plans,and website.