Argos 2016 Pictures and Videos

Some of you know I took hours and hours of video at Argos 2016. As I get them edited, I will post links here. I am very much an amateur videographer. Kind critique is encouraged!

Here is another one for Tom C. and Dan Moore:

And Matt Ryder:

And Doug Drost:





Mike LaRosa


Thank you
So much fun to see the friendly folks playing with the unique toys they have created
And wonderful weather


@Jeff is it just me or is your loose pants leg (right side?) rubbing against the un-shielded drive belts/pulley (I’m thinking timestamp 22:20 or so)? At the least, I could see one wearing a hole in their pants and making one side shorter; but I could also see that grabbing the entire leg in a very fast, very tight tourniquet.


Great job Mike , I lov it…


Hi Brian, let’s see… carbon monoxide, hydrogen, fire and now exposed v-belts. Ain’t looking good for me… :fearful:

Wish I had the time to do everything at one time but there is a ton of thing that need done. Even a roll bar… Oddly it seems not to be a big issue. Before it gets covered I need to rig a belt brake because I have to use the bottom of my shoe, as a belt brake, in order to shift gears.

I’m way to shy to watch that video…! :scream:


Hi Wood gassers,
This years meetup was the best one yet. We had great weather, a good turn out 16 trucks and my tractor. Thanks to everyone who came and pitched in. We had so much help that even if we weren’t there, it would have gone on without a hitch. Thanks again to ALL.
Here are a few photo’s that we took.

RichardCraig demonstrating an old and reliable way to cut wood.
Question and Answer session.

Dan Moore telling about his sawdust burner.

Chris Saez telling about size and texture of good woodgas fuel.

Tom showing anyone can use a chunker like Chris’s.

Sarah and Abby keeping the food coming. Thank you ladies!

Tractor and trailer loaded for the parade.

Henry Austin stoking the generator for the parade.

Seth Lemler making a detour after parade to the local Mcdonald’s drive thru
Thank you Harry G. for the refreshing ice cream!

Henry Austin’s truck flare.

Ron Lemler’s tractor flare.

Doug Drost truck conversion finally running on wood. Good Job Doug!


Oopps! Sorry Mike R. didn’t realize I was posting under your thread. .:confused:


Thanks for the Argos videoing!

An improvement generally would be, if both the actor and the cameraman have individual windproof mouth-boom microphones, radio (bluetooth?) linked to the recording camera!


Yes, I agree. could use a belt guard on that side.[quote=“Jeff, post:5, topic:2507”]
Wish I had the time to do everything at one time

Brilliant build, Jeff! That is one reason it was the first video done! :+1:


Great Pictures! Feel free to post more! That goes for everyone! :grin:[quote=“gasman, post:8, topic:2507”]
An improvement generally would be, if both the actor and the cameraman have individual windproof mouth-boom microphones, radio (bluetooth?) linked to the recording camera!

Max, That would be excellent! Next year maybe less “Shakey Cam” as well. I am learning daily. :slight_smile:


What Mike said. MORE!


Thanks for the pictures AND the description under each. Half of the reason for these get togethers is to “put faces with names” Your comments were very helpful. Someone posted a video of some of the trucks and it wouldn’t play on this old computer and now I can’t find it on my laptop. Hmm. I really know my way around these computers. Anyone, what was the story on the “SAWDUST BURNER”??? Again thank you Ron for the picturesTomC


Lets just make this the official pictures thread… any objections @MikeR ?


Thank you Mike Someone mentioned a demonstration of burning sawdust. It made my ears perk up TomC


Tom, that was Dan Moore’s stove. I took a top down picture of it.

The inner barrel stands off the bottom and has a 2 inch hole at bottom center. A piece of 2" pvc maintains a center hole while sawdust is packed around it. After it is pulled out the fire can be lit by dropping lit paper down the hole. There was a top cover on the outer barrel and an inlet air pipe on the bottom capped off at shut down That thing seemed to burn all day and gave off good heat.


OK, here’s some of the Argos videos. You can see the full Show & Tell playlist here (some are yet to be uploaded):


Here’s the official photo album, please add your own photos if you can.



Little Jesse North built a complete gasifier on the grounds at Argos out of a paint can, pop can and some pipe fittings and a tinfoil heat shield. He had two pop bottles for primary and final filters and could explain the whole gasification process. That gave me a lot of confidence in the upcoming younger generation.


Thank all of you guys who took the time to take and post pictures. I think I got to meet more people on the pictures than I did last year when I showed up for just one day Thanks to all.Tomc