Argos Meetup 2019

Hello Kristijan

Real glad to hear you will be able to come to this side of the pond :grinning:

How will be the best way to get the money to you.

Looks like we will have plenty of time so we can plan for the best procedure.


Tom, Please plan on coming. Everyone wants to see you again, or for the first time. You don’t have to have a project to show! Just come as you are.


Wayne, l have no idea to tell the truth. Its the first time for me. I hope someone more experianced chimes in?

Tom, what Mike sayd. Woodgas, petrol or kerosene, l am looking forward to see you all!!!


IF Koen can come again too, this will be without a doubt the best meetup ever!


Billy, the week-end before is Memorial Day which is a no-go for others. Is your class date firm already?

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I will not be able to make Memorial Day weekend. I can do the weekend after


Kristijan, we’ll just call you guys visiting consultants. Then you can not have to feel bad about taking money from friends.
Also, can you easily get a visa being from your country? Do you know if you will need an invitation from someone to get one? Sometimes you need a sponsor, depending on where you are coming from.

Mike and Ron, I can make the June 1 weekend according to the usual schedule. Either show up on Friday or possibly Thursday. But i can’t make the weekdays before and likely not the week or weekend after. We have programming stacked up for weeks in either direction.

Jakob will probably be able to come even if the rest of us can’t. He is determined to have his truck running on wood by then, to drive up.


Hey, while you’re planning your trip…consider coming down to Alabama with us after the event and staying here for a little bit. Then you could fly home from Atlanta, GA instead of Chicago, IL. We’d love to have you around for a bit.

I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth, but I bet Wayne would like to have you visit his place a day or two also. (Though you better check with Lisa about that).

It seems like a waste to just fly in for a day or two and then fly out again. We could feed you here at home and give you a bed, and a ride from Indiana and then to the airport. We will likely have two vehicles going to Argos anyway, so there would be room. You could poke around here and check things out a bit for a few days. You might get put to work in the shop or in a classroom, haha.

I’d hate for you to visit the US and leave thinking that is all looks like Indiana and Illinois. (No offense to my Hoosier friends, but we have trees and curves and the Appalachian mountains down here)

Just something to think about.


Or they could fly into Minneapolis, you know, a similar climate of what they’re used to and temper themselves as we head south. :slight_smile: Then fly out of Georgia.


Billy, as far as l know there is no problem with the visa. I will visit a neighbour afterwards, he flew to Luisiana not long ago. Ill ask him for details. As for money transactions l have no clue where to turn to. As l understand there is a problem witsh USA-EU money transaction lately, a fact l learned while trying to get HWWT book and membership. Perhaps Chris knows a bit about those things?

Thank you for the invitation, I wuld love that! Indeed it wuld be a pitty to use this wonderfull opertunity for just a 3 day stay. As soon as the date is set, I will start arrangeing things at work. June is a buissy month for us but l will arrange hay harvest and feald work so that l am able to extend the stay as much as possible.

To tell the truth l can easyer live without food thain without work, so this is a butyfull opertunity to buffer the workless hours :smile:


I think Pay-pal would be a pretty easy way to go about it. Everyone who was going to donate would have to set up an account, and then transfer to you. I think they charge a percentage fee, but for small amounts I think it ends up being less than a bank transfer. Something worth looking into at any rate.


I guess the big question is, how much does it actually cost for ticket from Slovenia? Need to know our target.


Ha, PayPal… hadnt thod of that.

Well l talked to my brother the other day, he is good at finding cheap tickets. He will take a look to the matter when the date is set. Now, a quick search by me and my wife reveals a cost of around $750 (±100). I think l will be able to save about a third of the amount till June (l shuld realy get back to driving on wood :smile:slight_smile:


A visit from our friends across the pond would be great .


K, you could also plan to come here before the event if you wanted to. I don’t think it will matter too much to us on either end. And Louisiana is down our way. Then Bill can haul you up to Minneapolis.


Paypal is the easiest and cheapest (free). Do you have a Paypal yet? If not I’ll help you set one up, PM me.


Hello all,
We talked to the fair ground people and they have us down from Wednesday (May 29, 2019 to Sunday (June 2, 2019). This gives us one additional day to enjoy the fun. The rent is a little more this year but, it sounds like a lot of people would like to come a day earlier. We will be there setting up on Wednesday late morning. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Ron and Ronda L.


Sorry for the delay. It’s been a busy weekend.
Chances are we might actually make it. I would love to be able to inspect your rig.

Thank you! I’m honored. That would be a dream coming true.
Also I gave the consultant thing some thought. Kristijan and I talked quite a lot about our common lack of skills in social interaction. If things work out, I hope there’s a woodpile or two, in any form, waiting for us to handle. Should have a calming effect, while spending time amongst strangers. Consultants in wood - that would be something :smile:


Somehow I do not consider either one of you “strangers”. Last year when Koen came it seemed like I was talking to my brother who I had not talked with for a couple weeks.


Thanks Don, I appreciate your approach. I feel I know you already too. I just tend to do more thinking than necessary.