A place to list great finds for the WG community. Probably limited quantity or time, but maybe just what you’re looking for.

1-1/2" brass gate valve. I bought one for the rear condensate tank. $8.85 delivered.

Thanks, Carl. I just bought that, which is far lower than anything local. And I can always wrap it with ni-chrome wire for the cold months

Bullseye Industries on Ebay

deals carl thanks for posting,good idea bargin page.

Exhaust temp gauges 1200 c. only $26.99 I can cope with celcius gauge for 1/3 price.

Make sure the sensor probes are ungrounded all i know

Hey All
My latest precious metals investment buy is a softwood tooth pattern two man crosscut saw. $89 at an old families divestment sale. Great shape. Sharpened with a good tooth set even. These were last commonly new in the 1950’s.
New reproduction, used old, parts and sharpening sets are available here:

Yes. I do currently have 4 gasoline chainsaws. One DC electric and one AC electric chainsaws. Ahhhh. Saw chain, saw bars and files are all high-tech 1st world manufacturing. Even once their fuel is solved you still ship-in/bought-out gov’mints tax-loaded consumables dependent.
A crosscut fuels best on beer and peanut butter sandwiches.

Enjoy. “Sweat the Wood” Woodworking makes for health and sanity.
Steve Unruh


I found really cheap 2 inch rubber couplings online for about 2 bucks each!

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Good deal joseph,i am still trying too see how too copy links too dow.for bargin posting.

Here is a brand new eastwood mig with auto dark helmet $300

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H2O vacuum gauges $9.99


I lost my way too post links so is 20.00 bucks good price for 2 water vac gauges, go too ebay and type Isi water vac gauges should see the deal.

High, Andrew!

You shore mean 51 mm, not half a meter?!

That sounds too inexpensive. Got to be careful because inches in hg hides pretty good in the add and what you think you are buying is not what you get. How would I know this? I found these just now hid in a list of water gauges.
to post a link - just right click on the blue words and select COPY. Then when you get back to DOW just right click and PASTE the link.

Hello Kevin .

I went to ebay and tried to find lsi water vac gauge and had no luck.

As Don said, make sure the low pressure gauges are rated in H2O . I usually use 0-30 vac gauge H2O . Also I think I had been paying about 20 bucks each .

This is what I bought back in the day. First one at 30 inch for the hopper and the second for the cooling rails(60 inch)
Wayne found a better price from Miljoco, but I found them less user friendly for the internet buying.

Have you guys tried surplus center? They are my go to place for hydraulics. I could and have spent way too much money there but I did some cool projects I couldn’t afford any other way.

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All their gauges are inches of mercury. I go to the showroom often and have asked almost every time.

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