How true!

Yes indeed. Wooden stuff also turns my crank. Merry Christmas to the West side.


You can build this out of a bucket. But instead of the piston. the top of the bucket has a rubber sheet strapped to it. You push in and out of the rubber.


I have just bought the same Ametek 116520-50 blower but it is not clear which is positive and which is negative wire…can you wire it either way and change the direction of airflow?
I can’t test it yet because I am waiting for a 12v120v inverter (we are 240v in UK!). Thanks Tim

It doesn’t matter, they can be wired either way it does not change the direction.

Thanks Matt. What did you use to vary the fan speed (i.e. Rheostat, PWM, Resistor?)

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router speed controller from Harbor Freight and also a valve inline, the speed control is not enough. I run all the way down and choke it down some to slow the output.

Going back to the forge blower. I use a blower from a power vent water heater on mine. Works great but runs on 120V. I have car heater blower I think out of a camaro, that I wanted to hook up to it to run 12V. Just don’t have much time to do any forging now. I like to use free crap when I can.