Bug Reports & New Features

Please post in this thread to file any bug reports. Thanks!

Hello Bruce ,

Sorry but I can’t take any credit for the web sit. Chris has done all the work and my hat is off to him!!


I think I made it in … I wrote the password on an old monitor here. I won’t be checking in on a toooo regular basis but I hope to see this take off. Chris, you NEED to finish your truck !!! No excuses … Get back to work on it !!! Peace Out, Mike

Hi Yall ; this is a really nice web site, good job Wayne and Chris I hope you sell a million copies of your story and plans.
Ron L

Hi Mr Wayne and ChrisKy!
Everything working so far for me out on PNW 42kps mountain dial up.
Chris you know how touchy my system (and personal capabilities are!).
Great job both so far.
Washington State Steve Unruh

HI Guys signed up and tried to buy a membership. The cart is not working yet I suppose? Money is just waiting to be spent! It won’t last hurry!

Hi David,

As stated on the page, the cart is not finished yet. I have a pile of configuring to do before credit cards can be processed online, or even Paypal.

In the meantime, you can still pay me directly by Paypal or check. Contact me for details. Thanks!

OK, I will start a new thread for this, but it appears that some pictures are not displaying on Internet Explorer 8. Please let me know if you can’t see the following picture, and what browser you’re using:

On the home page, the Press releases scrolling on the right overlap slightly with the main picture/text in the center - probably because I’m running 1024 x 768 with large fonts - but likely many of us over 40 gassers need larger text and may run into the overlapping frames. That’s the only thing I’ve seen thus far - great site and wishing you guys the best!

Hi William,

Try refreshing the page at the larger zoom. It should resize the text and pictures appropriately. If not it may be an old browser, try updating to the latest version.

Nice work on the site, and thanks for adding the navigation buttons.

The only thing I have noticed is that the number of views for a topic when viewing a forum does not seem to be working.

Example: select the “View Forums” tab, to view the list of forums, and then click on the name of a forum topic. The next view shows the number of responses, but the number of views seems to always be showing “0”.

Certainly not keeping anyone form enjoying the content on the site. Great work so far !

The site works just fine for me on Google Chrome. It would be interesting if the site included a roster of all who are members.

Good Morning Gary,

Thanks for pointing that out. It is way over my head but we will put Chris on it. May take a couple of days because he is driving down from Kentucky this morning spending the day and driving back late tonight.


Yes I would like that also.

We will run it by Chris.


Chris, this picture is just a long straight line. Noticed it on a few other messages (Wayne’s picture of ash is also long and thin. You cannot make out anything) Yes, I am using Explorer 8 ??? How do you “send” this message? Do you have to hit “Save”?, I’ll give it a try.

@Gary Graham, thanks, it’s fixed now. It wasn’t set properly to count forum views, now it will begin counting them…

@Don Mannes, done. In the what’s new menu. Check it out! http://driveonwood.com/members

@Gary Gilmore, it’s a bug in IE8. You can upgrade to IE9 or switch to Firefox or Chrome. All work fine.

Hi Chris, way to bend the hands right off the clock. I feel like I am in slow motion with all you have gotten accomplished in the past 72hrs.
Keep up the great work !

Back working on the site. Again, post anything you see not working or feature requests right here.

New feature today: post images on comments in the info section and the premium section.

Not really a bug, but a feature request.

Is there some way to use a different color scheme for premium content pages. I want to make sure I am posting to the correct audience and having a visual indicator on the thread like a different color (red?) cascading style sheet for premium would help me “see” where I am .


Point taken, I have had similar requests before. I am on the road all this week, and changes will be coming slow. But that one’s on the short list.