Charcoal Idea List

The purpose of this topic is to provide a simple list of One Line reminders and idea stimulators.

In order to keep a simple clean list, I will go to an existing D.O.W. topic that looks related or start a new topic if I want to discuss something on this growing list.

Please reply with your list of words or phrases that you want to remember or share to stimulate thought.

Here are a few things I want to remember/ponder:

Fresh char near nozzle for quick restarting.
Cloth sock filter. Simple Filters for Simple Fire Systems - #44 by Jeff
Open cell foam filter.
Oxyclean for filters.
Pleated paper filter.
Vertical nozzle.
Massive metal nozzle. see Mercedes-Benz E230 vol. 2, charcoal powered
Copper nozzle.
Refractory nozzle.
EGR clinker control.
Char size < nozzle size.
Retort vs. kiln.
TLUD vs. Curtain Kiln.
Advance timing after start up.
Urine drip.
Smog pump super charger.
Spark plug gap.
PWM for flare fan.
Single cylinder engine pulse.
Automatic gas mixer.
Fuel/Air (O2) gauge.
Filter wall action. Simple Filters for Simple Fire Systems - #57 by Jeff

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Interesting idea Bruce.

If you find or create a topic for some of the items on your list, please add some links to those topics right in your list. This could be the start of a cool index.

Spark plug indexing
Gasifier air ratio
Intake valve overlap
Best rpm
Up draft vs cross draft
Soft charcoal vs hard charcoal
Spark plug heat range
Refractory types
Elbow restriction

Gotta go ! !

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Adjust on the fly timing advance for small engines.


I’ll add
Fluid drip
Hand crank start up fan
Engine grade charcoal
Water cooled nozzle
Horizontal nozzle
Filter medium for chargas
Gary in PA


Nozzle air restriction. Air Carbon Fuel Cell - #75 by Jeff

Thermocouples. Tom Collins' Gasifier - #658 by spaco