Charcoal powered mower for harvesting grain




Hi George, you’re a good innovator, hats off.


on the upper foto the mower is with harvesting equipment. the long iron bars are separators , what are dividing the stems-stalks…so they cannot get intrigued in the engine somewhere and not touch the hot hopper. for operating is needed a second person with a fork for take away the cutten stems when is enough for one sheaf.
it is really fine to work without the stinky gasoline smell!!
the mower is a 250cc bertolini with lateral mowing tool.
the mower is very small and so the greatest problem was to fix the gasifier on it because of the very limited space…furthermore has only one wheel and the gasifier must stay in good balance over the wheel in way that the additional 17 kg of the gasifier is not too havy during operation…
for reason of the limited space for fixing we choosed a milk container from a milking engine - upside down- for the gasifier. therefore of the small neck of the milkcontainer the reduction area has only about 17 cm, and was nothing inside than a grate near the bottom. therefore comes up the problem that the reduction area after an hour was plugged and must be cleaned or shaked… (in opposite to the gasifier of the red bear mower, what runs more than 4 hours without cleaning on cutting operation , and more than one hours standing completely still delivering the gas for an emergency current generator).
this is a bit boaring during work, so we modified the hearth-reduction area similar to the other gasifier of the red mower - see the foto- double walled with splits where gas and ash can leave the reduction during working–we have not tried yet, but it should work because of the great splits - goal is not to shake during operation for some hours…
otherwise, when it not works it is so constructed to add a hand shaker lever from outside how at my first built stationary gasifier in iron.

UPDATE: new gasifier hearth tested now and this design with the cuts works fine…


Do you stop the machine to take the sheaf out or can you keep going?

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Giorgio Fantastic builds ! i would love to see and hear them running , any chance of a video ?


hello don , when you have a good forker beside as my son is and the wheat stands nice it is possible to work without stop, the mower runs slowly with the first gear.
when a stop is needed it is only with a short draw of the friction.
after cutting the sheafs are to bind with a cord manually…


hello dave, videos are not possible because of the bad internet connection…
it is just difficult to load up fotos,
when i search in the forum mostly the fotos i cannot se because of the bad connection…


That is a good reason for us to upload photos at a lower resolution. (Jpeg as for email rather than original resolution as for archive).
Does it help you to watch YouTube at minimum resolution? I am not fond of the 144p, but the 240p is watchable. Most of the time I watch in 360p or 480p. My internet (DSL) is adequate most of the time. :joy: I am glad you have a good helper when harvesting! :smile:


Here is a YouTube video from the 2018 Argos, Indiana, USA get together. It is a compilation of still photos that might play well on a slower connection at say 360p. No explanation, just having a good time.


hello mike, i am not every day online… sometimes i can see also videos and fotos, depends how much people are online at the same time, more are looking, more worst connection, and a lot of people look to much and i will guess often stupid stuff, but they have time…
uploading videos is impossible
thanks giorgio


nice film…we live since 30 years without car…sometime it would be easier with. in italy are too much laws , i think it would be difficult drive on woodgas…otherwise i would try also a little old car with charcoal gasifier


charcoalery romantic…a few days ago we made charcoal from twigs. this were not needed for the bread stove, because are too much. so it was better to make coal before they get always more rotten over the winter


before burning my son crunched the twigs a bit going over with the draft horse… so the twigs are shorter , for burning is better because they are more closed nearby in the fire …
the good charred glowing twigs become shuffled in bath tubs as container for cooling down.
seems like egypt sarcophags :slight_smile: in two days we made about 1 m3


Congratulations Giorgio,
You show a new method for finishing wood charcoal making.
Old stamped steel bathtubs.
How very practical.

And cooking to over winter preserve seasonal growth “harvest” is very much a farmer ethic.
Steve Unruh


Big thumbs up Giorgio. You must be the ultimate homesteader. Italy is too far past the end of my driveway or I’d come and pick your brain. 30 years without a car? Is that possible. How do you get supplies?


hello steve, the under bath tub is more old fashioned made from cast iron… this is heavy and nearly eternal, the upper for cover is more modern from the light size.
better than the upper bath tube will be a flat cover from metall, what goes some one inch or so down over the side for a shure rain protection, while the coal cools down.
the upper bath tube closes not perfect because goes not down over the side…
the idea i have read in a post of don mannes , where he describes simple coal making- burn a mount of wood, rake it while burning in way all pieces burn right and char right and than shuffling in a thight container…


hello tom, we produce a lot of food by ourselves in a great vegetable garden with old vegetable races, my wife is a appassionate gardener and seed saver, further wheat for bread we cultivate with draft horses, in the past we needed only a bit- less as possible- gasoline for the mowers and an old tractor for heavier transports, all over the year around 50 liters, now it is less with the woodgas powered mowers…also off grid since more than 30 years , electric current made with photovoltaik paneels and self built wind-converters, the weak point are only the batteries, the must be changed every six years…also not really independent, so one must be organized to be not in depency of electric energy in fundamental things…actually i make all my weldings with 3 batteries connected to 36 volt and electrodes with diameter 1,6mm, works very well there is only a strong electric resistance from a bakery oven between to regulate the current, for not to be dependent in future on the batteries we bought a emergency current producer with honda engine, and a welding transformator , runs well on woodgas!
a part of our water we pump with self builded ram pumps, this was the topic before chargas, my son find water with the woodfork, is his hobby…in our area in italy water is a permanent problem …
a car i miss only when is to organize some scrap for building!!!


charcoalery romantic ?? part 2- sieving out the ash and dust…
the sieve drum is originally from a corn siever, the only piece that remains at a farmer from the whole sieving engine… called trieur, a pitty…
the fine coal parts and ash comes in the vegetable garden…my wife cannot get enough…