Hello all. First post here What a Great group of people can’t say enough good things about DOW form.
and the work that people have done
started the wood chunker project today

Hello Dan and welcome to the DOW.

Thanks for posting the pictures .

Looks like you will have plenty torque !!

Hello Mr Keith
I think you know whear it came from. i was hoping to have a little more done today but got called into work

Looks like a John Deere final reduction ?

winner! has 10 to 1 or better. 380 lbs of deer iron on my oilver 77 diesel. thinking about a 12-14" cutter and elavator going to the dump trailer.
I cut alot of wood every year and no sense leaving the sticks behind at least not any more!

Good looking gear box, green and yellow, yup, seen that before. About 10:1 ??

can’t rember the model #6200? any way you could get 3 or so ratios lowest around15 to 1 higest around 10 to 1 .depending on the tractor rpm it would be about 60 rpm give or take at the cutter

Wow, that will deliver plenty of torque.
Oliver green and Deere green, that works :slight_smile:

Hello Dan ,

The son and I just finished chucking about 1500 pounds of pine . I have been averaging about 75-100 pounds per day with my usual driving routine so I like to keep plenty of wood ahead and dry.

The chunker is doing a good job. I have a two cylinder 20 hp and it doesn’t know it is pulling anything. I run the motor at 800 rpm , 400 pto shaft speed through the truck chunk and axle which reduces it 6 to 1 . The cycle speed works out well.

The fly wheel really smooths the work out . A few years ago before I added the fly wheel I broke the shaft that powers the pto .

it was a nice day here in michigan 40 was the high. i think that the internal parts weigh the same as the truck diff as far as rotation mass.the unknown is how the added gear raito will effect the cutting action. i will add a pto slip clutch and profile the cutter a shallow angle. do you think a smaller dia cutter would work, say 10" or even 8" or do you think it would plug and not let the chunks fall out. i have all the parts to add a flywheel but my pto is getting short with a clutch,and i need to keep the whole unit as short as i can. so i can steer

Good morning Dan.

I think a smaller diameter cutter blade would work OK .

You should have plenty of torque also . My only concern would be the speed. I find that 60-70 cycles ( cuts ) per min work well. My little tractor has a two speed pto and I chunk in the high speed . The tractor’s low speed is 4 to 1 from motor to pto and high speed is 2 to 1 . This works out with the tractor running a comfortable 800 rpm and the chunker ruining 66 rpm. My other tractor has a 4 to 1 motor to pto ratio and is too slow to operate the chunker .

when i run the tractor just above idle it “looks” like a good speed just under 1 round per second. but the math works out to 36 rpm. do you think i’ll be waiting around too long .what about a 14-16" double cut drum that would put it at 70 or so cuts per min


I think I would try the double cut drum.

Hello Dan,

I had some cull logs I needed to get out of my way so I chunked some of them today . I cut them in fire wood lengths and split them enough that the wood chunker spliter will take them on down to chunking size .

I like to use sawmill edgings and small slabs because they need no prep but some time I run out of sawmill waste .

After I get the logs busted into smaller pieces the below video shows the chunker splitting and chunking .

Also a couple of pictures from this afternoon .

Nice operation you have there Wayne. Gives some of us something to aspire to.

Wayne…hard to believe not that many days ago you was showing pictures of everything snow covered.
Looking good there Wayne.

Good morning Gary and Bill.

Gary in most years we can go two or three winters without seeing a snow flake but this winter we had some to stay a couple days.

Thanks for the comment Bill.

That is not much of a operation compared to a lot of other fuel refineries !

I learned when I have wood available to go ahead and chuck it . When hot and dry weather come down on us the wood will be drying fast. I will bag it and store it away .

Having a quantity of bagged , chunked ,dry wood is like having gas in the tank or money in the bank.

Wayne .

thanks for the new viedo i will be changing the the size and shape of the feed hole. is the cut “vee” shape at the top shaped like that to keep the wood from twisting when cutting at that near rip cut angle? we had 6" of snow yesterday,march in like a lion out like a lion or something like that.
i heat wilh a outside stove in floor heat system also pottable water heat so turning the small limbs into truck fuel will work out good when cleaning up a down tree.most of my trees come from overgrown fence rows and they alwise fall in the field.
buy the way,has anyone used black walnut? when burned in my stove it will make fist sized chunks of charcoal. this year i’ve cut at least 40 black walnut trees down.
some will wind up as boards

you said 75-100 lbs per day, so 40000- 50000 lbs per year thats about eight hay wagons full of wood you must be a busy bever!

Hello Dan ,

I added the little v shape to the chunker after I realized some of the bigger slabs wouldn’t fit in. Some time I will have a very thin slab but it may be 8-10 inches wide.

. If you feed the slab in to the chunker with the flat side to the cutter it will fracture and cut also , making 2-4 chunks per cut .

Working around a sawmill one can have a lot of waste wood. A topical day would produce a couple tons of slabs .

On a typical day I may drive 40-50 miles and it is usually in the V-10 at about two pounds per mile .

Yes a year of driving I may use 15 tons of wood to power the trucks .

Before I had the wood powered trucks I piled the slabs in the pasture and burned them.