i’ve been burning wood for 20 years+ this winter i came across a tool that has made handeling wood alot easier. i’ve made 2 of them one short and a long one
some call it a pickroo

few picks of fall wood collection and alot more when the snow melts

I too have been burning wood for better than 20 yrs. About 8-9 full cords per winter. My homemade outdoor wood boiler just turned 20. I think it still has a couple of years left in it. Your pickroo is interesting however I really like the 3pnt clam.

Good morning Dan.

Look like you got the fire wood going your way !!

one could never have enough wood or a large enough steel pile for that matter.
using a pickroo will change the way you work when handling fire wood.
and lastly I WANT SPRING!!!
a little progress today

Howdy Dan,
Thats looking real good!
Paint it in JD colors, that will surely puzzle some folks :slight_smile:
Looking forward to some video of it.

Dan S. What kind of contraption (the big green thing, I’d guess a gear-box of some sort) is that on your chunker? ::EDIT:: Of course, now I see your earlier post on the topic. Ignore this part…

Have you tried your chunker yet? How does it work?

One thing my (uninformed) eye sees is that it seems like you don’t have any gusseting/bracing for your anvil plate. Your plate looks pretty heavy but it also looks like it is only held on by the 3 corner welds. I know chunking can produce some pretty intense forces in that area.

Also, is that your feed tube in a 12-o’clock vertical position? Wouldn’t it be much easier to have it closer to horizontal angles (“3” or “9” o’clock) without sacrificing much?

this is a work in progress. the 6" tube on top will be auto feed and i will have 9-10 o clock hand feed port. when you drag sticks, one in each hand, i hope to put one in the top and feed the other one by hand at the same time. lots of work still to do

got lots of welding in today made some good progress.a few more millon pounds of welding rod and i might have a 500 lb boat anchor lol

Lookin Good!
What is the reduction on it?

thanks Terry welding hard facing on the cutter edge today and sharping it . i still need to find a used slip clutch

15 to one reduction 10" cutter 3.5 inch feed port. test ran it today ate oak and hichory double feeding with out a problem i need to tweek the auto feed port and change the depth stop so i can adjust it . tractor running at idle only knots gave ti a little burp . next is a trip to the junk yard to pick up a elevator off a old combine to put the cunks in a trailer.
just a question about the cutting action it seems to break the wood as shown is this good? seems it would dry alot faster but may burn different than un broken chunks or saw cuts

That’s golden Dan, exactly what you want. Yes the fractures will help it dry, and mean you can run very slightly bigger pieces. Looking great!

i’m starting to think that fuel prep for a wk gasifier is as spical as the design because this fuel should start to burn like a chunk and then break up to reveal more surface area and release more enegry faster than a solid chunk, or is it just a pice of wood?

Good work Dan. I’d like to try that wood, I’ll bet it will go great.

Hi Dan; That chunker is awesome. Love the ratio, I think my axle chunker is only 3.7 to1. Looks like yours would chunk mine up and spit it out. I’m jealous… Dan

That looks great! nice chunks too. Definitely HD and make short work out of chunking.

The chunks are text book, The separating of the rings really speeds drying and I suspect it makes a more potent fuel.
Really nice work!
I suspect I broke the low gear in my chunker… Was splitting some knotty birch and heard a snap… Think it took out the planetaries. Seems to be ok in hi gear… Gotta get some 90 weight before I can try it again.

Dan…I made a video and put it on you tube. Sure would like to see yours in action. Very nice work and design. Good job

not fair ! Gary my 15 year old told me to figure it out my self we’ll see how that goes