I would’ve enjoyed that game with my teenagers Dan. hahaha

Good Morning Dan,

Looks great!!

You will notice that green wood will chunk much easier than dry and you will even see water squirting from the cut. Sometime the water will even hit me in the face .

Yes I think the wood will dry quicker being chucked vs sawed .

I hate seeing You Tubes of you guys chunking wood in your shirt sleeves. I switched from my winter coat to a winter jacket today. That is still heavier than a spring jacket and no where near short sleeves. The snow is starting to melt so maybe I can find my way out to the shop soon. Of course after the snow melts we have the mud to contend with.
What is the thickness of the steel you are using for your cutting blades??. The cutting edge on mine rolled over. I straightened it out and tried to beef it up with some weld but it has rolled again .

today was nice but not tee shirt nice i did make a video but have not got it loaded on my computer yet.
Tom my cutter is 1/4" thick and before i sharpened it i welded 4 passes of hard facing on the edge and ground it so it is even on both sides . i’m keeping my eye out for thicker pipe.

i’ve been trying to load a you tube viedo but my computer has problems.

Dan …The first time I tried loading mine on youtube it was up loading for 2 hours when I went to bed…The next morning it showed 2,035 minutes to go…LOL I shut my computer off and started over. Took about 10 minutes …go figure. Was my first time too. Looking forward to seeing your chunker in action.

Hi Dan;
Try sign companies that work on illuminated signs for used pipe from old signs they remove. Dan

thinking about adding one to the top of the chunker for the small end of wood being processed

Hi Dan,
We haven’t heard from you since Jun 14. 2014 when you posted about bee keeping. I hope all is OK with you. I sent a message to you, but I’m not sure where it went so I came here. I posted some bee updates on the “Off topic” category. Or you can watch it here.

Enjoy, Pepe