Concussion/ whiplash

Has anyone ever had a bad concussion that they couldn’t seem to get over? Is there any kind of treatment other than time? I was logging a few months back and misjudged a limb. Long story short-----I was thrown by one limb into another one and knocked unconscious. I woke up about 20 min later cutting up the tree with a chainsaw with no idea where I was or how I got there. The boys said I had been talking to them and communicating coherently, and then went back to work. I don’t remember that part until later when I woke up making firewood. I obviously had a concussion and pretty bad whiplash. The next few days I noticed some cognitive impairment such as not being able to write a check while having a conversation, slow on some math equations, stuff like that. But that improved steadily until gone a few days later. Had migraine headaches for a few weeks on and off. Sometimes with bad pain, other times without pain but vision problems. All that cleared up with time. Since then I have “bumped” my head 3 times. Once, climbing a ladder I bumped it a little on a steel truss and immediately got the migrane back—within seconds. The second time I got hit by something—don’t remember what----same thing. And then for a long time everything has been perfectly fine. Until Today (yesterday) I was kneeling down building a minibarn and stood up and bumped my head on a 2x4. Not hard mind you, but it brought back a real stiff neck with pain and a headache. Everything seems real sensitive.And I can’t sleep (hence the 3:30AM post). Anyone have any suggestions that don’t involve an MRI machine?

Hi Billy, you might have your neck and back out of alinement. Go to a good chiropractor, who will give you a full adjustment. Finding a good one might be hard, ask around. I will be praying for you, in Jesus Name for healing.

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We do have a good one here in town. I have been to him 2 or 3 times since original accident. My wife has been saying same thing since I got up this morning. Thanks for the prayers.

. I have had head pains since my early 20’s 2 bad car recks. You may have a closed head injury in witch as you said go away aver time. Long as there is no bleeding going on around injury location, not sure of what signs too look for if inturnal bleeding contiued, or restarts.think it would cause more dizzyness light headed feelings.God is good.

I’m sorry but I have to ask , is there a problem with you having a MRI scan ? they are so widely used these days and i have not really heard of any bad reactions to them , and they seem to get to the root of the problems really fast .


No particular problem with MRI’s. I just already knew of that idea so I asked if anyone had others. Also, they tend to cost a lot.

Well from too many life-long damn much experiences the best therapy would be lots of water to pee/flush your systems a lot. Lots of sleep as you can. Day knap as you can. Really good cell re-building nutrition. Actually go see a Natropathic Doc for guidance on this.
Go off of aspirin and blood thinners for a while. That brain-bruising must resolve and be absorbed slowly.
Use Excedrin for the head aches. Yes. Does have some very low dose aspirin in it.
Get, and wear a “bump-hat” while doing most things. These are much lighter and tighter fitting than a hard hat. Mine is cloth covered and looks much like a baseball cap.

You will heal. It just takes a lot of time. Defer important decisions for a time to trusted others.
This sever of cell damage to cause the complaints you have even after healing will now be an avoidance area to decrease lifelong cumulative’s. from ass biting you decades later.
Or end up like me mixing words. Loosing names. Far too young.
Lots of IED concussed, new-Vets now will be living this.


FYI. Doing a lot better this week. Always am until I hit my head.

Hi Billy, good to hear your feeling a lot better , I’m not a medical man at all , in fact I am a typical bloke , and put off going to doctors, dentists , anything till I really really have too or the wife grabs me by the neck and drags me there .

All I know is from all the tv shows I have seen over the years and when ever anyone has a concussion and is knocked out for even a few mins they always want to check that there is no swelling or bleeding on the brain , I guess here in Australia and the UK we take it as a normal trip to out patients and getting Xrays , as it does not cost us , what it must cost you in the USA.
Keep well

Obama had the “Affordable Care Act” which was basically mandatory insurance. If you didn’t have it you got fined at income tax time. We always got a waiver from the fine because according to the gov’t we apparently couldn’t afford affordable health care. I’m not complaining mind you, I like the gov’t to leave me alone and I’ll pay my taxes and do the same. Our healthcare coverage comes through our church community. We work together to help pay each other’s bills when there is a need. Since we are all carpenters and construction people, That usually takes the form of those of us who own a construction company taking a construction job and everyone in the community volunteering their labor until the financial needs in the church are met. But there is still a great deal of determination on everyone’s own part to not use this until they really have to because it is rather inconvenient for everyone to have to rearrange their lives and schedules to go work to pay someone else’s bills. Also no one wants to be a welfare case. So sometimes it is harder to get people to take the help than to ask for it. I tend to be like that I guess. We do that with other needs too. When someone builds a house or a shop, he or someone else calls for what we call “a gathering”. Some call it a “work bee”. It used to be called a “frolic” but no one I know uses that term anymore. Usually, when a gathering is called, everyone will show up or at least representatives from each family will be sent. It turns into a big social event centered around the work project. Usually, for a big gathering the women will work together to make food. Whoever calls the gathering takes responsibility to coordinate it. The husband either leads the work or gets someone else to do it. And the wife coordinates the meal/snack/food etc. or asks someone else to do so. Unless of course it is a women’s gathering which usually consists of cleaning during a move, or packing, or sewing etc. Often, if a family is need of a gathering, it will be one of their siblings or parents who will take responsibility for coordinating the gathering. Anyway, I’m rambling. It’s a different way than most Americans are used to, but I think it is a great way to live. There’s a fine line in some places between community and cult, though. Not into that…Similarly, a community cow is a great idea too. Then no one has to be responsible to milk every day and everyone gets milk. Luke (our family’s milker) loves this practice. It’s hard though, in most places, to find other people that know how to milk, that aren’t 75 years old, and that want to. This post should be in the “Do More With Less” thread…


Billy, I understand about not wanting to be a burden. But sometimes preventative maintenance could stave that off. Not saying that this is that case. Work safe.

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hey Billy–I can tell you of my experience with closed head injury from a auto accident 22 years ago. I was blessed to have very good insurance so great medical care was possible. I was off work for 8 months they didn’t see anyway to be ale to work again, but not willing to give up I kept trying all therapy. If I closed my eyes I would just fall down-had to look at my feet to walk-lost vision in one eye-couldn’t remember my phone number and at times not able to hear from ears ringing. I walked a ball around with my feet for 3 months. All concussions are critical and need care taken- to have time to heal. All the advice the form has talked about is good but I would suggest to take special care not to do anything ruff or bump your head and get plenty of rest. May God bless you and fully heal


I’m doing lot better than that. Glad you are too.

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Firstly, I will agree with the advice above. Nobody used to regard concussion too seriously, but now we know from the unfortunate cases of some professional sports players and better brain imaging and study. From what I gather even straining the brain during the sometimes lengthy recovery is to be avoided, and as mentioned even slight additional bumps on the head.

I find the community support of health care rings a bell. In Canada we have publicly funded medical services. The system originated in the great depression on the prairies, when people were so poor that the cash economy broke down. People couldn’t afford to see a doctor, and the local doctors couldn’t make a living. So in some areas the towns and municipalities pooled the resources there were and contracted the doctors. But to be fair allowed access to all residents. I dont think it was an accident this happened in areas of homesteaders, many of eastern European origin, people who felt they were all equal. The same people also banded together to oppose the thievery of rich grain companies, and set up local credit unions to do better for themselves than the banks saw fit.

By the late 60’s Canada brought in a national health care scheme, no bankrupting bills, we all pay through taxes, more or less everyone gets the same quality of service.

My concern with limiting access to service is that it can lead to more costly issues down the road.

Just glad im up here.

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It all works out. It does cost plenty to go to a doctor here. But I imagine ya’ll pay more taxes too.? How do they collect the healthcare tax. Income tax or some other? Property tax? We have really low tax rates here in Alabama (state taxes). And virtually no property taxes for land you live on. I think I paid less than $60 US on my whole place last year. They raised them though, I was recently informed that because we built a 48 x 70 pole barn, a 30 x 36 shop and a 52 x 48 pole shed with loft barn, my property taxes will go up next year $2.31 for the year.

I’m glad you’re glad. But I don’t think I could stand it up there. Way too cold for me. Yesterday it was 93 degrees 100 % humidity…good times. Today it’s raining hard and cooled off to 75%. I think we are catching some kind of tropical storm from the gulf…

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Yes, you can’t avoid the cooler climate as you go north. We still get the extremes, fairly warm in the summer, good enough to grow corn and tobacco, and deadly cold in the winter. One big plus is there’s nothing venomous here, no stinging ants, no poisonous spiders, or snakes, only wasps and hornets.

Regarding the paying for healthcare, it’s run under federal standards, administered on a provincial (state) level, so it varies some from one jurisdiction to another. The funding comes from transfers of federal tax revenues and provincial budgets, so it has no relation to property taxes, income tax and corporate tax pay for the system.

The major efficiency gain is that it’s a single payer system, no billing departments, or credit checks at the hospital level, negotiations with hundreds of insurance companies. Their office overhead is tiny compared to your system, just HR and personnel administration.

Given that everyone has relatively equal access to medical practitioners, specialist availability is greater, as they are seeing the right cases, not those with the right insurance or bank account.

An example. My son was at a waterslide pool party, slipped and whacked his head on a steel post. Off we went for stapling of the wound. It just happened one of the best head surgeons in the region was in on another call and was asked to consult on the injury, everything was routine, and our cost was zero.

I don’t mind paying taxes for stuff like that. Just like I enjoy good bridges and roads and won’t gripe about the fuel tax. Who does object? The rich, as they stand to save the most in individual taxes, and can better cover their own expenses. And then end up with better care, because they have a private team of high caliber doctors.

If there was no fuel tax, and the roads were horrendous, the rich would be flying over in helicopters. Always the same game.

I agree the Obama care plan was bound to be a costly fail, because his plan was far too timid to net any gain, it didn’t address the structural efficiency failures of the pure for profit system.

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Billy, I wondered how you could build buildings. If I started over I would just have small in closed trailers or wagons.

Fellows it is a very slippery road comparing cost of out different heath delivery systems.
Wife and I “were” paying in $1300. UDA a month for the largest manged care system in the USA. Kieser Permanete. It was set up just before WWII by Henry J. Kaiser Industries to take care of their workers and thrie families working on the big Gov’mint contract jobs. Became a big-deal here with 30,000 working in the Vancouver WA war shipyards. Their own clinics. Their own Doctors. Their own Hospitals.
Later converge offered to other big employer groups. How we got on with me working for big auto dealerships.
manufacturing family workers are split opinion on whether Kaiser “almost kiiled me” ( do to slow responce not-care), versus those saying good experiences. Mirrors my wife’s and mine experiences. The Afordable Health Care Act mandaded we pay for more non-optional Kaiser services that we had opted out of.
Raised out monthly subscription by an additional $300. USD a month to now $1678. And this for an 80%/20% plan with a $5,000 a year you pay all deductible first.
We know we are actually paying for a nieces boyfriend who had with his stufing mouth made himself diabnetic “and unable to work”. Paying for a woman friend who once worked but now “due to work-sress mental abuse is unable to any longer work”. SHE weeded, hoed our garden last year as a get-better recovery pet project of my wife’s.

Again very touchy topic to bring up here on this social media.
GartT without a doubt we down here through our agnacies under-price steal a lot of Canadian energy.
No doubt to us that Canadian pharmaceuticals are cheaper because we health care payers down hear are shouldering the bulk of the new phamadevelopment costs.

Anit no easy answers to any of this.

Not sure what you mean…we build buildings every day for a living. I assume you are asking how I am allowed to build them or how I can build them and not get taxed more heavily. If you are asking the latter; we have what is called “homestead exemption”. I think anyone can claim it for the property they live on. It doesn’t apply to rental properties, or second homes etc. I have heard of people buying the land next door and getting a new deed written to include all the consecutive properties so they could claim the exemption on all of it. Low property taxes here is a tradition that goes way back to carpet bagger days when the yankees were coming down and buying up the land for taxes after the civil war (war of northern aggression to some) hahaha… Just kidding…In either case, I think no war is civil…Anyway, during the depression there was another big push to keep property taxes down so everyone wouldn’t lose their farms.

The boll weevil came in 1910 and by 1916 covered the state. They sprayed them with insecticides until WWII era with some success. Everyone knew something had to be done because cotton farming was no longer a sustainable endeavor. Since our ground isn’t good for much, I suppose they decided to cover the state in pine trees. To that end they gave property tax breaks to people who would own timber land and not plant cotton. Now more than 80% of our land area is covered in tress, most of which is actually native hardwoods. We produce more forestry products than any state other than Maine I believe. Forestry makes up a huge majority of our gross product. Followed by chickens/poultry. Most of the land that was cleared for farming at that time was then planted in yellow pine. That was a big push before and right after WWII.

What keeps the taxes down? Alabama has the longest of the state constitutions. We also have a somewhat unique, slow, cumbersome process for collecting taxes. Basically, every time someone wants to raise taxes they have to amend the constitution which requires a referendum vote by the entire populous. Guess what people tend to vote for when they get asked if they want to pay more taxes…

We are also a “right to homestead” state. Which basically means I can build what I want, how I want. We have no enforced code in Randolph county at all. We are supposed to get the people at the health dept to do a ‘perk’ test when we put in a septic tank, but there is no inspector so it’s kind of a mute point. It is also a “buyer be ware” state. Which means if you buy a place here you better make sure it’s what you want before hand.

Hope that answers your question…if not ask it again and I’ll try again.

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Billy, it’s the tax issue. Property tax is big enough business around here that they use planes to look for somebody trying to add on or build something under the tax radar. But the taxes are higher in the New England states/area. Property taxes keep ya from retiring from the work out job.

Keep up the good work !