Dazed and Confused

On the old web site, I seem to recall that we had a file area for cad drawings, wayne’s build videos, etc.

After being away for a year or two, I came back and discovered that the web site was “new and improved.”

Honestly, it took me about a month just to figure out how to log into it.

Now, I have no idea where the file area is, how to get to the build videos, etc.

I am sure that there are some excellent faq’s and discussion that explain all of this, but I haven’t been able to find those either.


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Goto “Home” and log in separately. Construction videos are in the premium area.




But now I am more confused.

It appears that I am logged in.

I see my little picture icon in the upper right hand corner.

I can go to the premium topics and browse them.

Are you saying that I need to log in agaiin?

After I do that, how do I get to the premium area?

PS: Just for the record, if I do go to the home page, and try to log in again. I can’t.

That has been my experience every since returning to the site.

After trying about 50 times, it finally let me log in about a month ago.

Since then, it appears that it has given me a cookie or something that says I am still logged in (for forum purposes at least).

Since I reset my password a couple of months ago, I have only been able to log in from the home page twice, out of about a hundred attempts.

Although it probably sounds like I am a computer incompetent (and I might be), I am also a computer engineer and generally do not have this problem at any other site I belong to.

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I wish you were asking something wood related and I might be able to give you some advice :smile:
In this case I can only tell you that if “Premium” shows up in the upper right corner you’re in. Username and password can differ from forum area I think. I can’t remember how those are to be set.

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Hello Kyle .

Wish I could help but I think we will have to wait for Chris . The computer stuff is over my head .

My motto has always been if it doesn’t work of fit USE A BIGGER HAMMER . I find my techniques don’t work well with the computers :confounded:


I’m with you on the computer stuff Wayne. I was looking for the construction videos a few days back and could not find them either.

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I do believe that the (forum account) and the (website account, where the videos and such are) do use separate passwords, if not also user names.

Either way, I think this is the time to yell " @Chris HELP US!" :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahh. That would explain a few things (if there are 2 different logins).

If I try to log into the home page, I can’t log in.

If I go to the forums, then log in, I can log in (just tested this from a fresh computer).

I am starting to doubt that I have ever successfully logged in from the home page since the new website was implemented. I probably clicked into forums and then logged in from there. I just assumed that “logged in” was “logged in” period.

So, I can apparently get to all of the “premium” forum stuff, but not the other premium stuff.

Now, wondering what to do next.

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Kyle, I made my password a name the same, and it works find for me on login for DOW and the forum. Chris helped me out on it.


Hi Kyle,

Sorry for the confusion. The site is actually better overall, but the login issue does confuse folks. We’re working on it.

The above posts are correct, there are two different logins, one on the homepage and one on the forum. (the base reason for this is, there are actually two seperate sites, http://www.driveonwood.com and http://forum.driveonwood.com).

You are logged in to the forum but not the homepage.

As a Premium member, you’ll want to create an account on the homepage. It will be approved shortly. As Bob said, you can use the same name and password to help you keep them straight.

More login help here:

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OK. I will now go to the home page and click “create a new account.” I will use my existing user name and password.

PS: I have read the “Arriving users - How to Log In” guidance that you posted above, both now, and previously. I would suggest editing that a little bit to make it more clear that there are two different logins, and two different processes for getting logged in.

PPS: I hope that the approval process does not involve sending an email to my original email address. That is one of the factors that has given me a hard time. That is an address that I can only see from work. And it is behind a firewall, so I can’t click on any confirmation links or anything that.

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Chris - As a follow-up, I clicked the “sign-up” link from the home page, and used my existing user name and password. However, I put in my yahoo email address instead of my original address. That way, I can receive notifications from you when I am at home.

However, my original email address may still be associated with the forum login. It is fine with me if you want to change both of them to my yahoo address so that they will be the same. Or, if that is something I can do, then I will do it.


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Chris - I can now log into the home page. No problems.

Thanks for the help.

PS: I notice the videos are there. Did our old file area come over somewhere as well?

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Not sure what you mean by old files, but the different gasifier plans and old woodgas documents can be found under the library tab.

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Andy - I seem to recall a file area where members could put stuff. For example, I posted a set of CAD drawings for the Keith gassifier to the file area.

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There was a member uploads area on the old site. It was very seldom used, so I’ve not recreated it for this new site.

File hosting is relatively expensive for us, and there are lots of other online solutions. You are welcome to host a file somewhere and link to it.


Thanks Chris. That is what I needed to know. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. :slightly_smiling:

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