DOW Bee Keeping. " YEHOVAH BEES"

Ask The Yehovah Almighty God by His Word Yesuha the Son for some faral bees and believe you have what you asked for and for His Name Sake The YEHOVAH God will make it come to pass. This is truth in action. I did just that and one of the three swarms of faral bees I asked for just showed up. Dana heard them coming she was in the green house the hive nuke is in a tree above it.
This is by far the biggest I seen come into the yard yet. A few years ago a swarm landed in our plum tree before I had hives.


You caught a big one! :slight_smile:


Bob, Yehova is good!



Almighty God The YEHOVAH brought you a beautiful swarm of bees. Thank you in Yesuha name.
I moved the swarm of bees up to a friend’s place a few days ago and will be bringing them back tonight after dark. They will be their new Layens/Langstroth hive tomorrow. I was up there today helping move a truck and checked the bees they are doing great. Thank you YEHOVAH God by and in your Word’s Name Yesuha the Savior of us all.


I just ran across this article. Apparently California has an issue with people stealing bees. Apparently people didn’t have the knack of capturing swarms…
The Rise Of The Bee Bandits?


Honey is $ 40.00 1/2 gallon store bought. $90 dollars a gallon here for Raw Honey! We have hives being hijack here to.


Bees are big, big money during the California almond tree pollinating.time. Evil beekeepers steal truckloads of hives in the field and “sell” the service to an un-suspecting almond grower who just needs pollinators, and fast. :nauseated_face:


We used to sell it for a dollar a pound. Then we started importing honey from mexico, and the prices fell through the floor. And sudden colony collapse started to become an issue.

I think it was 35 dollars for a 3lb starter colony, and that price is over 100 now.


My sons used to take bees to the almond orchards. One son lost about 35 hives. His solution to the California bee theft problem was to move to Alaska. Yes, you can put GPS trackers in your hives. That worked for a few years. Even ten years ago the thieves would take all the frames from the hives, transfer them to another box, and leave the original box in place, complete with tracker. That was especially discouraging, because as Mike said, it meant that “Evil beekeepers” had to be involved.

Still, there may be justice in the almond groves. My sons got many of their bees from removals—taking the hive out of someone’s house or property. That meant that a good portion of their colonies were Africanized. I hope the thieves had really good bee suits when they took those hives.

Or, maybe not :slightly_smiling_face:


So, an update on the our son the beekeeper who moved to Alaska, Delta Junction specifically, about 100 miles south of Fairbanks. He wanted to get Russian bees, since they do okay, sort of, with Varroa mites, and are adapted to colder climates. Not available by mail in Alaska. He made a plan, and took orders from a lot of other beekeepers.
He flew from Alaska to Louisiana, rented a truck, drove to Mississippi, right into flash floods. Picked up some supplies at Harbor Freight, wading through ankle deep water in their parking lot. He bought some OSB and two-by-twos at Home Depot, and built a shell and shelf on the back of the pick-up. It stopped raining long enough for him to load the bees (120 packages). He had 50 hours from his arrival in Louisiana to get the bees to Seattle (40 hour drive) and onto a cargo flight to Anchorage. We met him in Ontario, Oregon, just over the state line from Idaho. We traded breakfast and lunches for hugs and three packages for our other beekeeping son. He was more or less on time getting to Seattle, but the cargo flight reservation, for 12:30 AM, had been made for the wrong day, the day before, after he had asked them to make sure of the date, since things get confusing around midnight. The flight was rescheduled for that day, but was grounded for mechanical problems. Bummer. Or maybe not. The extra day gave him time to dispose of the shell, get the bees loaded, return the truck, and, a little, sleep. If the plane had left on time, it’s not clear the bees would have made it aboard. Meanwhile, he had to deal with his own flight. He had gotten a cheap flight with the help of one of his bee customer’s frequent flyer miles, and it would cost three times as much to reschedule :slightly_frowning_face:. When he went to make the changes, he discovered that he had mistakenly reserved for the wrong day, which with the cargo flight grounding, was now the right day :slightly_smiling_face:.

The bees and beekeeper did fine on the trip to Anchorage, and he loaded them up in his truck for the 8 hour drive home. It’s tough to give the bees enough ventilation, but not cool them down too much. When he got home, after the drive through 20F, -6C weather, a third of the bees were fine, a third had some losses, and a third were heaped on the bottom of the package cages. We didn’t hear from him for about a week.

He felt like the only thing that might help was to feed them sugar syrup, and bring them into the house to try and warm them. He has a new baby, and a very patient wife. He picked up one of the bees of the bottom of one of the cages, put a bit of syrup on it’s “tongue,” and cupped it in his hands for a while. From cold, stiff, with legs folded tight under it’s body, it warmed, started buzzing, and flew off. After some time, nearly all the bees revived, he was able to move some around to balance the packages, and his customers are now happy, and he doesn’t need to go to work at the local air base to pay off his customers.

Last year, he bought some packages from a local beekeeper, as many others did. He heard from some of the folks that participated in this latest operation, that this other supplier had told our son’s customers that they were wasting there money, there was no way he could deliver live bees this way. Our son told us, “You know, he was right. I couldn’t do it. But God could.”

YEHOVAH knows what HE’s doing. It’s a blessing to watch as your children learn to trust HIM, and see HIS faithfulness and power.

If you’re still reading, thanks for hanging in there!


Kent, that is a beautiful and wonderful testimony of how The Creator of all things, our Heavenly Father Almighty God The YEHOVAH works for us, for those who call on His Name and for His Name Sake He does these things for us that call on His Name. Why? Because He wants everyone to know that this is His Name in the Hebrew language and is the very same Name He spoke to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and all of His followers.
His Only Son Yeshua (Salvation) came to this earth to proclaim His Father’s Name to all, when doing all the miracles of God he did. And Rose from the dead after three days in His Fathers Name The YEHOVAH!
Because He is God in the flesh and is the Lamb of God that takes away all of our sins of the world. A free gift from God to us all. You can not be good enough to earn it. Just believe in it and He is your Yeshua (Salvation).
We just started the Hebrew Passover week in remembering when Death passed over the Hebrew people that were in slaved in Egypt. All that believed in Egypt long time ago it was the lambs blood on the door posts that saved them from death back then.
now, it is Yeshua’s Blood that saves us now. I pray this Passover that everyone’s eyes of their hearts and minds be opened for this free a wonderful gift of God. Thank you in Yeshua’s Name that it maybe so. We are Blessed by the Almighty God The YEHOVAH and His Son Yeshua for ever and ever, may you receive His Holy Spirit in you. Have a wonderful Passover week.


That was one of those posts I wished I could hit that like button a hundred times!
God Bless You All! :cowboy_hat_face:


He surely has. There is so much evidence of blessing, that it should be impossible for me to doubt and complain. It should be, but it isn’t :confused: .

Even when I misbehave, there is forgiveness, and joy knowing The Passover is coming, because The Passover Lamb has come :grinning:.


Since it is -that- time of year, I ran into this video for cheap swarm trap ideas. :slight_smile:


Yesterday my grandson Elias came running into the house and say to me that there was a bunch of bees around the boat. I went outside and there was about 100 bees up under the boat cover and flying all around it. These were scout bees for sure so I quickly setup a nuke hive box by the boat with old comb and some lemongrass sent in it. Some of the bees started checking out the box and going inside to measure it out.
The bees had already gone inside my hatch for the anchor and a storage area. So the only thing I could do is spray a little bee repellant into the boat to stop the swarm from ending up in my boat. It is called Fischer’s Bee-Quick really good stuff. Now the bees were flying around and not in my boat.
I moved the nuke hive box to my favorite tree spot. The bees in the air started checking this spot out. Last night at dark they were still at the box. So today I expect there will be a swarm of bees coming.
Thank you YEHOVAH for more of your bees in your Son’s Name Yeshua (Salvation).
It is funny now but I did not have time to put on my bee suit.
Also a couple of days I got this thought in my head that I should put a nuke hive box in that spot in the tree.
YEHOVAH Almighty God was talking to me through His Holy Spirit, but I was not listening. Lol. God sent the bees anyways. God is good and the source of good humor. I am sure it was quite a sight watching me scramble around trying to find everything.
I need to make more frames and one more big hive box for this new colony of bees.


I see the holes drilled in the wood, is that the place the bees get in and out of the box,or is that just vent holes- HOW do you attract bees to a new hive box, do you add maple syrup. I could use some raw honey, to help with all the cauffing bugs going around these days.

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That last paragraph was for Bob Mac, i forgot to reply there first.

Those are vent holes. the ledge part on the bottom is where they go in. Bees like to come in and go up. The ‘natural’ attractant is beeswax, propolis (which is the sticky gooey stuff they use’), and lemongrass oil. You just try to coat the inside. The also make a commercial spray.

The little boxes Bob has I assume have frames in them, but if you watch the video I posted, you don’t need frames in the catcher boxs, you transfer them to hive boxes after you catch them, and ideally before they start to build too much comb. because when you transfer the bees, you can’t kill the queen. He also talks about the ideal entrance size.


THAT sounds like quite an art- i might just look for a good local bee keeper for now anyway,THANKS FOR INFO. I mostly use monk fruit extract powder for sweetener these days ,since my dock said i was getting close to type 2 diabetic.

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It is mostly move slowly so you didn’t upset them and get stung and didn’t squash any. If they just moved in, they don’t have anything to defend so they are less likely to attack.

There is an art to it, but a basic hive isn’t that hard. @Bobmac probably knows a lot more then i do. :slight_smile:

If you want to catch a swarm now is the time to do it. If you catch them too late, they didn’t have enough time to make enough honey to survive the winter.

But the last price i saw for a package of bees was 130 Dollars. Which is just 3lbs of bees and a queen in a small shipping box. Much cheaper to catch them if you can. :slight_smile: