DOW Store revamp

Hi guys,

I just spent a little while updating the DOW store. We now have a few new possibilities, and things are generally streamlined a bit better:

  • Square now accepts international orders. I have therefore ditched Paypal.
  • Square allows me to change the shipping rate on various regions. I have used this to block EU orders, which we cannot accept due to the 2015 VAT tax law. I have also set a flat $25 international shipping rate, for non-EU countries.
  • The store page is cleaner now. Check it out.

Am I missing something or is the book the only item in the store? Because it was all I saw when I followed the link on my phone.


You missed the memberships.

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Lol I don’t need to buy another one of those I got the lifetime version. I was looking for those cool hats…


Rhonda may have some in Indiana. Not sure