Erawan Energy Solutions

I moved my working place to this facility
The factory is called: Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli, in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
They have a wonderful history in DOING for the environment, to much to list here, but they want me to do whatever i can think off.

So i combine all my earlier work, NongKhai Gasifier, Phapang Gasifier, Renewable Energy Thailand, under this new name project:
Erawan Energy Solutions

2 main goals: teaching about and helping with knowledge , building technology for everybody

My new working / show place, at the background “my” bacterial methane production plant


Pictures from the first build here…

Small power generation and
Working on installing the AFR control and Throttle control

Smart farmer cooking ( testing combustion also)
To replace the outdoor style smoking cookers…


Beautiful woman and a fun playground! What more could you ask for?! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update. You have been busy. I see several new developments in the pictures. Could you share a few words to describe these new variations? Congratulations on the partnership and great work space!


Amazing trajectory you have been traveling on! Thanks as always for the pictures and updates. Do you have plans to actually set up production of any of these various “appliances” so that they begin to constructively impact the surrounding population or do you figure you are mostly just interested in research and development, meaning that others over there should be the ones to mass produce the offshoots of your work?

Hi Robin,

The current project involves a complete setup/teaching/showcase
From harvested Bamboo to energy. Involving the 50Kwh diesel engine set under construction and a charcoal making line.

To be build in a new facility, 2500 sqm

After that, the startup of a “school/production facility” to teach about and to build useable systems.

For the islands the need is big for sustainable energy.

I will be building the whole repertoire i am working on over the years… including waste to energy.

The whole package is about stimulating people to DO instead of talking… :grin:


I would like to suggest that there would be a market (myself included) for a downloadable or hard copy notebook of your current project plans and associated sketches or diagrams of individual projects!

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Hi Robin,

Would you believe me if i told you that me and the missus just turned down ( less then 2 months ago) an offer for all of our work. in US$ 7 figures long. ( Not a joke )

But we follow the path from the late King Of Thailand ( serious ) giving our knowledge for helping everybody having a better life and not for the profit of a few…

The family , supporting us now, also strongly believe in this way.

I love to think that my work and the shared knowledge from so many others here on DOW can make a difference…

What better way to live ?

I have the utmost respect for those who can put things on paper and can explain so much with so little words,… me, i can build, talk and show how it works, my limits are my ability’s to clearly explain things.

However, using actual builds and research conducted on other builds, i love to show others that anything can be done, no need to copycat if have time on hand to learn…

Doing it by yourself, no greater joy then succeeding in your own vision, sharing the results in the hope someone follows the lead.

I will learn how to make easy understandable drawings and sketches for sure, but still a long way to go before i can do.

But i invite anybody for a visit here, teaching me some new tricks over a few beers… and take some insights home from here. The door is open.
If God is willing, i will hop over to the USA to come and learn how its really done…

Learning from someone ? yup…
Bluntly Copying someones work… ? Nope…
Sharing my work / knowledge ? … More then happy.

Making a living, i am happy… Making big profits… ? no Thank You


If what you say is true, then we have lots in comon :wink:


Koen, my hat is off to you ! ! - That is my dream and your doing it ! !

Odd, I was thinking that the USA needs to go to a third word country to learn…


Have some finds in the scrap today… stainless :grin:


Very nice. My notebook cover has a quote from Thomas Edison, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”


So wery true!
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Having followed a bit of your journey since you started posting here, Koen, I would have expected nothing less. My other activities and commitments preclude doing much more than just repairing previous projects and helping a bit with those of others, so discovering new paths in woodgas are not likely in my immediate future and I would be happy just to achieve copycat status.
Also I can understand why anyone might be reluctant to sell designs of a carbon monoxide generator to the unskilled, uncareful public…

Putting this here, coz it fits my builds at ERAWAN…

Design for the actual build of a charcoaling unit… Remember the drums in earlier postings ?

Edit, replaced the drawing with latest version


Koen, you are moving into big time production with this set up. Looking forward to watching it come into being.


I am building or she’s building…
Anyhow, we are building…
Scrap to be ?
What is she up to ? :grin:



You live in heven dont you?

My first thod is a Brandt gasifier?


Nope, she’s building an oilbath filter for the 50 Kwh set, last picture is the nozzles coming on the bottom
Center pipe inlet, downwards
Out thru the nozzles, breathing the bubbles thru stainless sponges, upwards gas out
The lid has or will have a turn/lock system, the slits you can see in the picture.

Heaven means working on many things the same time…
See the little oven in the pictures, i am working on that, making high quality charcoal and subsequently activating…


Is there any up dates on the 50 kWh build with the oil bath build and system?