Farm All M conversion

HI all,

I have a customer that has requested me to install our new E-1 gasser on his Farm All M tractor. It will be here at the shop in a few weeks and I will post this conversion as I go. Im sure there will be a few hick ups along the way so any input will be welcomed.


Matt Ryder

Vulcan Gasifier


Here is the M-II gasifier Im working on for this conversion. It is built of the same architecture as the little M-1. In the pic is both the M-II and M-I for size comparison. So now that I have added to this series Im going to have to change the M desigination from Micro to the Multi Purpose Gasifier. lol

Also here is a close up the new condensor Im working on. It will be fan cooled. This is the one for the JD conversion. The Farm All will be getting a larger version of this.

This Farm All has been update with a Turbo kit. Is there any thing I should know for doing this conversion?


Matt, Just make sure you have your client jump on and off the tractor a few times on both sides and also show you what attachments he uses so you can place your equipment. Good luck with the conversion. Are you driving a vehicle yourself ?? Mike LaRosa

Thanks for the reply guys.

Any time David :slight_smile: If you look at how I partitioned it, the gas goes in at the top and then goes down through the bulk of the tubing and returns back to the top in the last two tubes. You can put mulitple partions in it as well I think this would be more eficient, but it gets more complicated to build.

Yeah Mike, I wasnt really planning on going this route, I (was) more interested in stationary applications and possibly some farm equipment. But It is looking like I am going to be headed in the direction of converting a car or truck. The only vehical I have is my Buick Regal tow door. I am thinking of setting up my trailer and use it as a test bed to see what the limitations of the gasifiers are. Finding to time to do it all is the hard part. So as soon as I get a chance I will be doing some sort of vehical converition. I think the big tractor will be a good learnign tool.

The Farm All is here!!!

I love how they did things back in the day. Very simple and every thing still works today.

This bad boy has a turbo on it too. So it should breath in the producer gas just fine and still make good power to boot. Probably wont do any thing with it for a week or two. I need to drive it around and get used to how it sounds and drives running on petrol. Plus I need to brain storm how I want to tackle this one.

Its getting the new M-2 gasifier I have built. But I havent punched any gas ports in it yet untill I figure out what I want to do with filtering.

That oil centrifuge idea had me thinking and I have an idea for a water powered version that will use a high volume water pump. These are made for drag cars and make about 20 gpm @ 7 amps and are 12 v DC. I built a proto type proof of concept and it worked!!! Well at least how I evisioned it any ways. Basically I have a tube inside of a tube. The inside tube terminates just a few inches inside the outer tube. I introduce water where the tubes over lap and flow is perpendicular to the direction of flow of the tubes creating a vortex of water inside the tubes. The water sticks to the inside of the outer tube. What I want to happen is I want the water to twist the gas flow and create centrifigul force whipping out debris and also cool the gas. Another cool hting is it acts like a venturi pump. So it will help the engine pulling the gas. I have a few ideas for using this idea, one is building this onto a cyclone at the gas inlet and I have another idea that will be a vertical system that is a little simpler to build. This will go after the condensor.

that tractor is in beautiful condition…a friend of mine that is a nutcase collector of old machinery has three that look identical to that one…there were very few of them imported here in New Zealand…the tricycle wheel configuration doesn’t do hills very well, and we are nearly all hills.

is the turbo on that a draw thru or a blow thru?..i would think with that age of the tractor that it will be a draw thru the carb type turbo which will have a carbon oil seal…which will be fine pulling thru a gasifier…if it has a blow thru carb setup on it, it will probably have a dynamic oil seal and might be worth checking that the seal in the turbo is able to take extra vacuum of the gasifier…dynamic seals don’t like holding against a vacuum and leak oil into the inlet airstream if there is a vacuum present…a dirty airfilter will cause enough vacuum to form once the engine is under load and pulling.

i’m looking foward to seeing how well it runs on wood lol


Louis, a passion that lasts for 88 years, he has a passion toujour intact farmell Louis before his tractor, drawing from his dolly, his tractor in profile, and the dolly he did with his own hands, his brother carpenter made him die of wood and iron he worked for the bending and carried out its welding. good work.




A fun project. Does the individual, that owns the tractor, plan on taking it to any of the shows around Grand Rapids?

Hey Matt and Francois ,

Thanks for posting the pics. Always a eye catcher.

Thanks all!! Some very good info!!

The turbo pulls on the carb. So far the plan is to replace the tube that goes from the carb to the trubo. I want to have a bypass for the wood fuel so it doesnt go thru the carb and Ill have a butter fly in it so it will be easy to switch over from petrol to the producer gas. I was planning on building a controll panel to be placed up by the seat so the opperator can adjust everthing at the seat.

Yeah this customer is pretty excited aobut what we are doing. He has expressed interest in investing in us as well. Ive been a bit reluctant to through out any numbers though. At this point I just dont know what would be practical for a private investor. My accountant is working on a plan to make it work.

Yeah Wayne, he has some plans to show it off after it is built. Dont know about any GR showings, he is from the other side of the state. Ill try and talk him into the tractor show in Ionia next year. :slight_smile:

Outstanding pictures you have put up PalP. You are very fortunate to have such a good friend.
Outstanding advice you have given CallumH. You make NZ proud.

MattR I think on this trycicle row cropper best to put your hearth/hopper unit on then one side; cooler just like Louis’s in front of the engine radiator/fan shrouded for air flow; and all of the other equipment on the other side of the engine in tight and low to try and balance all of the weights. Like Louis mount low, low and give up ground clearance for tipover and visual seeing safety.
Every year some guy or kid kills them selves here trying to work one of these flatland rowcroppers on a hillside hay field trailer pulling or even just two bottom plowing. Please be very careful with your tooling around. No boots/shoes with laces. Shag your pant hems off so they will tear loose; and always remenber the old advice: “You Bail OUT Off the Back!”. I was that kid once. When these hillside roll they continue down a long ways. You do not want to be in the rolling path.

Steve Unruh

Yet the tractor of louis, and a caterpillar are caterpilar second gasifier that louis because of its hands, the red tractor are fourth with his hands.


Is that a diesel Caterpillar? Has he done special work to make the engine work with woodgas?

Hello chris, I think he AHU walls with gasoline, the caterpillar tractor worked during WW2 and after the gasifier because gasoline was scarce and expensive.

Thanks for the pics, that is a big help to see one done already.

Yeah Steve Im not a big fan of the tricycle set up either. I really want one of these old tractors now. I’d like one of the little ones though no need for a big one just want it for a toy. :slight_smile: But I would definatly look for one with the conversion.

But this Farm All was definatly built to be implemented. Lots of mounting holes it is a great machine for this. This tractor is very impresive too, lots of power.