Featured Project - David Baillie's Charcoal Tractor

Featured Project of the month for November 2015 is David Baillie’s Ferguson TE-20, powered by charcoal!

" It uses a natural gas tank (junk of course) with a gasketed top lid, exhaust cooling, air intake from the bottom. This one has a refractive lining in the bottom cast in two parts; the nozzle cast into a yogurt container with a 3/4 inch dowel for the hole then the tank lining poured around it to hold it in place…

“Did a test run today with a friend’s bush hog cutting an overgrown pasture. All things considered it was a good test. The power is less then on gas for sure but it can still do the job easily. The cutters were dull, the grass was heavy and very dewey; about as heavy cutting as I’m likely to do. Consumption was about 7.5 gallons of softwood charcoal in a little over an hour for an equivalent of about a gallon of gas.”

[View the full build thread here: http://forum.driveonwood.com/t/my-charcoal-tractor/1200]

@dbaillie David, if you could update us on the status of your tractor, we’d love to get an update, or maybe some new pictures. Congratulations!