Featured Project - Gary Gilmore's Charcoal Ford Ranger

Featured Project of the Month for October 2015 is Gary Gilmore’s Ford Ranger. From the charcoal evangelist himself, we have the first OBD2 vehicle running with a charcoal Simple-Fire gasifier.

"My work in charcoal gasification has mostly focused on small engines. I ran a VW beetle for about 20 miles but rust issues forced it off the road…In November I aquired a 2004 Ford Ranger with the thought of trying to get it running on charcoal.

“Well, with 200 miles of commute time on the unit, I am pleased so far…I am suprised how easy it is to run on gasoline and then switch to charcoal, Need more power on a hill? Turn on the gasoline, open the air valve and away you go. So far I’m getting about 2 miles per pound of hardwood charcoal. My hopper gets me 25 miles to work without refilling, and I’ll guess it will get me another 10 before needing a refill.”

[See more about his project here: 04 Ford Ranger on charcoal - #19 by glgilmore]

@glgilmore Gary if you could send us some more photos and maybe a status update, we’d love to hear more about the Ranger! Congratulations.