Featured Project - Johnny Caudill's 1994 Dakota

Featured Project of the month for August 2015 is Johnny Caudill’s 1994 Dodge Dakota. Proof that you don’t need much money to build a gasifier - just barrels of determination!

"I am one happy camper right now …I just done a 60 mile trip ,30 miles there 30 miles back , 100% wood and was cruising 60-65 mph all the way …
Its almost like magic happened , I am guessing my char bed is where it needs to be now .The thing is running absolutely wonderful I consumed around 50 -55 lbs of wood …Its no longer eating it like crazy and I am ready 2-4 on the hopper and 10 -15 on the rails …Tonight’s run cost me a Big Fat ZERO :slight_smile: "

[Premium members can view the full build thread here: http://forum.driveonwood.com/t/johnnys-wk-gasifier-project/752]


@Johnny_C if you could update us on the status of the truck, or any other woodgas projects you’re working on, we’d love to get an update. Congratulations!!


Congratulations Johnny, how many miles do you have on the old girl now?


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