First gasifier

learning curve/ test/ small engine gasifier project.
imbert style
3" restriction 8"tube 7/16 ss replaceable nozzles makes good gas so far. I need to finish the hopper condensate system and build a cooler and filter i plan to use it for a
generator for when the power goes out. the last time it went out it cost me over 100$ in fuel ouch! on a 5000watt gen

Good looking little unit. Hope the Embert design works for you. What size fuel are you using?

i’m using saw cut and hand split ash wood about 1 by 1 and 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 or so. first time i fired it i used the blow through with a hair dryer,shop vac was too much and the flare was light blue and about 20"long. i need to spend some time on it

Nice job, My first gasifier was an Imbert style. I used it mainly to figure out/learn what this whole wood gas thing was all about.

Looks Great Dan Struble
Love the way you used those different sized propane tanks.
That and the very real tar goo stains from you hopper top shows you are a real gitter done kinda’ fellow.
Look up a YouTubes of a fellow named Phil Covey for how to use propane tanks on the cooling, condensing and filtering side of it.
Experienced user tip: if you use gasifier system and engine/exhausts genhead heats to engine air blow dry your fuel wood chunks well then you can get away with no wood fuel hopper monorator/condener system at all.
Best Regards
Steve Unruh

thanks for the tip, makes sense . as you can see no condensate system ran a 5 gallon bucket through it today made lots of steam and flared for about 15 min, go figure it would only flare when pulling hard. a little tough working aginst water quench . the lower can was red hot 4" down lol .i gave it some space at that point

few more picks

Hi Dan;
Well your name will be easy to rememberLOL. Like your direction, looks like a good start to a working system. Will be fun to watch your progress. Dan C.

hello dan nice to talk with you and thanks for making the you tube vids i’ve watched them all. the hearth was made with your dimensions you posted. whtching your unit take shape was fun and helpful . i"m putting most of my time into my chunker right now but spring storms are coming right up and i don’t like the idea of burning gasoline in the gen. more projects than time.we’ll hafta see what happens this weekend

How big are your nozzles, and what is your restriction size? you may be over nozzled.

12mm nozzles 3" restriction the great is 3" below the bell the pluming is all 2" . the gas outlet is a center draw from under the grate to try to cause even gas flow
through the char bed. i really like Richard’s hopper and want to build one. mabe i’ll cut some kilin dried pallet lumber and try that sunday

Arvid I also have bad leaks around the hopper lid poor sealing area. blow through mode works great but i need to do something with the hopper.
the nozzles are threaded in so i could remove them and tap the inside and install allen head plugs and drill them to 5/16"
What am i saying?!!i need to work on my chunker lol

My gasifier has a 75 mm restriction and running similar size generator to yours. My nozzles are 6 mm and really should be smaller, if you don’t a have a manometer on there it would be a good idea to get one to know what is going when it is running.

Hi Dan;
You mentioned using my hearth dimentions. I have to agree with Arvid on nozzle size. My hand written notes on the Imbert chart were not very neat and hard to read. Just so you know for sure, my nozzles are 1/4" but I do have 7 of them. If you experience problems down the road I would suggest 1/4" nozzles and believe it would help. Now; back to work on your chunker! LOL… Dan

rough imbert math… you have 7 sq inches of restriction. typical imbert nozzles would be a total cross sectional area of around 5% of the restriction or .35 Sq inches in this case… that’s a total combined nozzle area. you have .904 sq inches of combined nozzle area (or there abouts)

over nozzled… and leaking hopper too?

your lower can is glowing red because you’re burning wood gas in there.

thanks Arvin i printed off alot of info on imberts and looked right over that basic math. now it makes more sense, too much oxygen for the reaction area .more than double in my case. my brain was hung up on condensate quench.i dug up a new “o” ring for the hopper lid . sunday i’ll plug and drill the nozzles and run it again and let you all know what happens

looking forward to seeing your results… post a vid if you can

test run went well. 1/4" nozzle holes and smaller fuel size 1"and smaller split chunks. flared for 45 min only used half the fuel of the last run! shut it down for the night and monday morning took the hopper off to check the char in the burn tube it was full to just above the nozzles with good looking 1/2-1/4 size char ,i’m building a new hopper and cooler i think the lower end of this unit is now working as it should .
thanks for the input Arvid up dates to come

Good to hear… we’re hear to help where we can. Looking forward to hearing more on your progress.