Gasified Fishing Boat Ideas

After much thought. I came up with a water cooled gasifier for cooling the gases and keeping the outer part of the gasifier lower part cool. Well at 212°f . Yes this unit will make steam to go into the nozzles.
The gas cooling tubes are in the lower part of the gasifier also.
The only thing that will be added is a filt housing that could be in the boat or mounted next to the gasifier.
This will be a charcoal gasifier unit.
Below the grate and lower part of the firetube will be under water with the ash and char area.
Just some ideas from talking with @KristijanL on cooling the gases and others ideas from others. Thanks for the input you all have given on safety.
It will be tested first on a vehicle. Duel purpose gasifier.
The steam will work it way up past the fins that are weld around the firetube then into the nozzles. The hotter it gets the hotter the steam. It is all on a vaccum and no way pressure will be able to build up in the gasifier unit. When the engine is not running the steam will vent off. Not sure how fast it will cool down. It might cool down like a imbert gasifier. More on this after I get all the parts cut out.
This unit has fins for cooling my other drawing has cooling tubes in the water.


Here the gasifier with the cooling tubes in water. I like this design better for cooling the gases.
I also put a housing around the lower part of the firetube reaction zone and ceramic wool to insulate it and keep it hot after shut down.
Modified the water over flow. If you see steam coming out it needs to be filled up.
I think I can use a toilet bowl fill valve float in a separate container to auto fill the gasifier from the bottom using a copper tubing when it gets low on water.
It is sure cheaper to build things on paper, then use up good materials making mistakes.
With a saw dust and hay filter it will be easy to hook up.
I am thinking 1 hopper temp gauge is all that will be needed. May be 2 vaccum gauges hopper and main gas line to engine. Trying to keep it KISS.