Gasifier stove for cooking

Sorry for my level of English I am French speaking.
I am leave in Cameroon in Africa I need you help to build gasifier system for cooking.
I was build 1 system but is not working very well. I have big problems with ash I don’t know if you have another simple model to show for me I want to build this gasifier to help people to my village.


look on the web for asian cross draft industrial gasifier stove it will give you a place to start also the anderson top lit updraft stove there are quite a few gasifier stoves but they still are not perfect.

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You might find some inspiration in this thread.

If you post pictures of what you have built, people are sure to respond with some input.


Welcome Eric,
I can speak a little French if it is necessary because I used to live close to Montreal, Canada.
Is your fuel wood? Very dry fuel is always better. I think the Top Lit Up Draft (TLUD) is easiest to make. There are many videos on

There is another kind of called a Rocket stove, but I do not have experience with this one.


Here is a variation on the clay cooking “rocket”


Eric, I would be worried about Carbon Monoxide, would want a stove that produced CO as fuel to be well-ventilated = outdoors. What reason would you want a gasifier instead of an efficient stove like a TLUD or rocket style? Just wondering what fuels you have available. I believe any gasifier has an ash removal issue. You just try to maximize the useful work before cleaning is mandatory.

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I dont know what he really wants but all stoves are gasifiers. The top lit up draft gasifies wood then burns the gas all fires dont matter oil, gas, wood, coal all gasify the material then burn the gas maybe that is what he is talking about. also any stove dont matter were it is has to be vented because of the CO. the reason he is talking gasifiers is every one on the net is talking about them.the reason i told him to look at the asian cross draft is it has ash removal a grate that has ash on it to help keep it from burning up it is cross draft it has a secondary air feed for the combustion of the gases.everything he needs for cooking and it burns chiped wood or small sticks is self feeding while runing. i have been studying gasifiers for heating and just energy prouction for more than 30 years i have tried different things and there hasnt been a perfect burner made doesnt matter what any one tell you.


the thing to remember about gasifiers for heating and cooking you dont need motor gas. You can have a lot of tar and other things and it just burns up prouducing more heat.Keep the gas producer and secondary burner close coupled. There is so much out there on gasifiers for heating and cooking you can get lost in the information I have many times just get what you want then build it if it doesnt work the way you want make another. that is how we learn. if you dont whant to learn then buy somthing and try to work with their problems.and just keep buying new problems I know of a man that just spent 8,000 dollars for a furnace .Two years in the metal sagedas it almost melted it was replaced 2 years later it happened again now another 2 years they have to replace it again they put air injecters right below the spot and whent to thinner cheaper steel i told them the problem but like they said it was emgineared so they would have to figure it out …


Bonjour Eric,
comme dit précédemment, quand tu fais une cuisine avec du CO, monoxyde de carbonne, toujour le faire en extérieur,
ci joint un croqui de cuisinière avec une cornue, donc avec ce principe,
cette solution offre le moins de caspillage possible, et tu fabrique un charbon de très bonne qualité qui utilisait avec un gazogène Koen, va te produir de l’électrécité en plus de recupérer les calorie pour ta cuisson avec le forneau, regarde sur ce forum l’article:
une école en Thaïlande.
voilà, il ne faut jamais être pressé pour faire une bêtise, il est important pour toit de bien tout comprendre en te documentant.
et sur ce forum, il y a plusieurs experts de la pyrogazéification.
Donc bonne lecture et cherche toujours la simplicité , là sont les solutions performante.

Hello Eric,
as said before, when you cook with CO, carbon monoxide, always do it outdoors,
attached a cook’s sketch with a retort, so with this principle,
this solution offers the least possible caspillage, and you manufacture a very good quality charcoal which used with a Koen gasifier, will produce you electricity in addition to recovering the calories for your cooking with the forneau, look on this forum l 'article:
a school in Thailand.
there you have it, you should never be in a hurry to do something stupid, it is important for the roof to understand everything by documenting yourself.
and on this forum there are several pyrogasification experts.
So good reading and always looking for simplicity, there are the effective solutions.