Hands on help for project in Maine

Hello all. I am just hearing about wood gas. Very exciting. I would like to to 2 projects. One i would like to make a truck that runs on wood. 2 i would like to make my diesel generator (if possible) run on wood gas. I am a decent tinkerer. I’ve rebuilt a 580 case backhoe ect. But i am not very ingenious with things like this. I am more of a hands on learner… So is there anyone in maine or close by that would like to travel to me and do a project? I would plan to talk over the phone and do some gathering of misc items and a proper vehicle. The initial planning process would probably take some time. Then we could plan a time to get together and build. I would hope to learn hands on how to do this… Someone who has made wood gas vehicle before would be necessary. We can go over cost to pay you for the project over the phone. Definitely would want to treat you very well.
On a side thought if there is no one out there, could anyone tell me if there is a “bible” for building wood gas systems so that i can make attempts at DIY?

Hello Jesse,
Welcome. Off hand I can’t think of anyone here in your neighborhood, but for the bible you speak of, There is a step by step book available here and also step by step video’s of a truck build on the premium side of this site. Pretty much anything you need to know here, and all the fellows are happy to answer questions.


Check out this website. He is in Maine and I have seen him post on here as well. Sorry I can’t think of his name off the top of my head.

@robin Robin Redmond lives in Maine, he’s purchased a woodgas truck project that’s not finished.

Also Mr Ford Reiche bought one of Wayne’s trucks, and built another one… he was also looking for experienced help though. Ford Reiche's Termite

The fellow Dan is referring to is Stephen Abbadessa @sabbadess


Do a search on “diesel”, there’s a few posts explaining why this is not a trivial project. You’d do better to get a gasoline generator.



Hey Neighbor,

I’m up in Amherst. What part of Hancock County are you in?


Hi Steve,
Boy are you hard to get ahold of…
I figure you must be very busy with the new job.
I would still like to visit…

hi Jesse,
I am about 20 miles southwest of Augusta and have an unfinished truck I bought last summer, but haven’t had time to work on it (actually there were “conditions” placed on the purchase by my wife…). The truck was intended to be a wood gasified race truck but since it practically fell into my lap, I seized the opportunity.

And I am not mechanically gifted as my sons are, but you are welcome to visit to have a look anytime to get some ideas.

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wow. thanks everyone. Im sure if i had someone to teach me i would learn quickly. I did completely rebuild a 580 case backhoe…except the motor i had a machine shop do.
Steve, i live in blue hill , so probably less than an hour from you. What are you currently building?
Do you know how to do a truck or generator?
As a side thought is it possible to make a gasifier that one could easily connect to any ‘gas’ generator? Thinking if that were the case then someone here could start making a bunch of them for that purpose…

how far along is your project?

Mostly auto components needed reassembly,
Gasifier needs some disassembly to add gasket into, and some wiring and temp and pressure gauges needed.