Hi-Temp Carbonizer for bio-waste

Hi There:
I am/was having big difference on the performance of my testing gasifier on my vehicle. One day I will drive at 110 Km/h (70 miles/hour) for 40 Km (25 miles), and next week will not work at all, beside causing a very dirty carburetor. I suspect that my problem is the way I was carbonizing my waste, I was using the two drums & rebars system So, I decided to improve my carbonizing. I dig into some literature and check the topic “Charcoal Making anecdotes”. I come up with basic theoretical statement, then made a simple carbonizer and finally I got a good charcoal with very low tar. The gassing is good. But because the quarantine I could not drive it on my car yet. Meanwhile I want to share it with you. Is fair to thanks Mr. Bruce Southerland for revising this paper.
If somebody is not into reading or are in a rush, you can go directly to page 3.
Opinions, suggestion, comments are all very welcome.

God bless all!
Eddy Ramos (Argentina).


Have you posted to DOW any information about your car gasifier? If so, I’ve missed it. I know some time back you were planning on a build, but didn’t realize you are now at the place of trying it out.


Hi Steve:
I have not posted anything regarding my testing gasifier (16 Gal). It is only a small equipment just to learn the básic on gasifiers for cars. I am testing differents types of charcoals and learning on filters, gasification, driving and carbonizers. So far I think I got a nice carbonizer that is why I post it here. When I think that I am ready I will built a 55 gal gasifier and then post it when I fill confortable in using it.
Eddy Ramos.


You can document your progress on DOW. It would be interesting to see, but I know how it is. I also waited until I was sure I had something worth showing, before I posted anything on DOW.



Updraft steam injection


Hi Henry:
Thank’s for your reply!!
Chargas (Charcoal gas) production is basically a two step process: The first step is the carbonizing process to obtain charcoal out from wood, and then the second step is the gasification of this charcoal that produces Chargas out of it.
This topic is refer to the first step: The carbonizing. Your “Updraft steam injection” belongs to the second step: gasification.
But let me share with you that the apparatus of this topic: “carbonizer for bio-waste” is almost a copy of my gasifier (which I am still trying to improve and learn how to use it).
My gasifier (that I have not post it here yet) works with the same principles of your “Updraft steam injection”!!
So finally I may use this SAME apparatus as a carbonizer (to obtain charcoal), and then the SAME apparatus as a gasifier (to obtain chargas).

You may find in other topics of this forum, a wood gasifier, that is an apparatus that produces chargas directly out of wood, in one continuous process. But the wood gasifier apparatus is much more complex and heavy, than a charcoal gasifier.
Truly yours.
Eddy Ramos (Argentina).


I have allpowerlabs 20 kw grid tie power pallet , It is run on wood chips , maker only ran it on walnut shells . I just do not want to look at it . It had a clog of tar in a pipe . This clog changed it from a down draft to an up draft . I just sealed off and bypassed the hopper heater . I need to repair the feed auger and grate shaker , I still have a hitch ball shoved in grate shaker . First I want to remove LAMBDA control that does nothing , I will just leave oxygen sensor . I have a shed full of wood and more wood outside . I have not gone into chipper shed yet .

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